Wednesday, April 2, 2014

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Graeter's Hazelnut Truffle Gelato

I totally forgot to post this as I picked this up from a Graeter's scoop shop when I went to visit a store in Columbus for the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding show back in early March. After releasing their new line of gelato flavors, I was very interested in the hazelnut base. Seeing as how I absolutely love Nutella, and also the Trader Joe's Cocoa Cookie Swirl this was a must to try out.

Graeter's Hazelnut Truffle is "traditional European flavor of hazelnut and combined it with pieces of heavenly hazelnut cream truffles" and when it comes to Graeter's, we know one thing: they do not lack on the mix-ins. This thing is absolutely loaded with truffles that remind me of the Sea Salt Caramel Truffles in the Talenti's Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. Upon cracking the lid you notice quite a few truffle pieces sitting right on top of the dense looking hazelnut base.

As I scooped up my first bite, I was intrigued by the hazelnut base. It was a lot different than most gelato bases because it was firmer/denser than I would have anticipated after having plenty of Talenti's pints. Although the hazelnut a good flavor, it is not as rich as a Nutella spread, but still has a reminiscent taste. I wish other companies would follow suit with the hazelnut base.

As I got into the pint, the truffle pieces began to emerge in every single spoonful. This was awesome. The pieces are moist, chewy, and packed with flavor. These really make the pint, and knowing Graeter's and mix-ins, they do not shortchange you one bit. The overall base was good and the mix-ins were fantastic. There is a reason Graeter's is one of my favorite companies to purchase ice creams or gelatos from; because they have a good balance of base and mix-in ratio to create a happy medium. If you enjoy a boatload of mix-ins and truffle pieces on top of a good gelato base (especially if you are the mood for Hazelnut) look no further.

Where Bob Found It: Giant Eagle
Bob's Grade: A


  1. Woah, this looks awesome. The truffle pieces sound freakin' incredible.
    I've never had Graeter's before (because my grocery doesn't carry the brand) but I'm really started think that I need to order a pint off the internet because I've yet to hear anything but glowing reviews about their products.

  2. Clair, If you are a mix-in junkie Graeters is your go to. The cookies and Cream has literally half/full pieces of Oreo cookies, The buckeye Blitz has huge pieces of cookie dough and peanut butter, and the black raspeberry chocolate chip is one of the best fruit flavors i have ever had (The chip pieces are sometimes up to an inch thick)

    I highly suggest this brand if you like thick/dense mix-ins with a great base.


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