Saturday, March 22, 2014

REVIEW: Sam's Choice Coffee & Donuts

While browsing the freezer aisle of my local Super Walmart, I stumbled upon a new brand. It seems Walmart is getting into the super premium ice cream game with their self-branded Sam’s Choice. Only available in one quart containers, twice the amount of most super premium pints, I grabbed the best sounding one: Coffee & Donuts. This coffee ice cream with swirls of icing and donut pieces sounded strikingly similar to that of our all-time favorite ice cream from New Orleans Ice Cream Co.: Cafe au Lait & Beignets.

At 200 calories per serving, the nutrition facts are certainly elevated to that of a super-premium. With the lid removed, it’s hard not to notice the huge concentration of icing sitting right on top. I collected some on my spoon along with the coffee ice cream and gave it a whirl. Far better than we were expecting. The coffee ice cream was dense, overly sugared and full of flavor. The swirl was thick, gritty, and tasted identical to the warm glaze you’d find paired with a donut, which gets us to the last ingredient.

The donut pieces aren’t as prevalent as the sugary swirl, but really elevate the effectiveness of Sam’s Choice first entry. These soft and chewy pieces of fried dough work perfectly with the coffee ice cream. Bites including all three components are enough to break this brand into our top 10.

Where I Found It: Walmart
Grade: A


  1. This was the very first flavor I tried from Sam's Choice and I was so instantly hooked that I went back and got three more flavors, including Moose Tracks, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Sea Salt Caramel, which are equally as delicious as Coffee & Donuts! I can't believe Walmart is able to make such high quality ice cream! You should try the other three too!

  2. I bought some over the weekend because I thought it sounded interesting and OH MY GOODNESS! This is delicious... I want to go back and pick up a couple other flavors!

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  4. Can I get the Coffee & Donut Ice Cream at Stater Bros?

    1. The Sam's Choice Brand is only found at Walmart... it's their super premium, tasty brand, named after Walmart founder Sam Walton... all of the items across the store is great

  5. While I found the coffee portion of this to be of excellent quality, for me the addition of what is supposed to be a donut detracted from the experience. Please Sam, give us plain coffee ice cream.

  6. While I found the coffee portion of this to be of excellent quality, for me the addition of what is supposed to be a donut detracted from the experience. Please Sam, give us plain coffee ice cream.

  7. i loved this, then tried the Blackberry Cobbler ice cream. Also fabulous. Sam's is every bit as good as the more famous premium ice creams.I'm hooked.

  8. I first tried the BlackBerry Crumble last year when I was looking for something different. I don't care for all the fancy blends out there. I loved it, then found it to be very hard to find. Most walmart stores didn't carry it, or were chronically out of stock. Then we found the notice that they were cutting the size down to pints instead of quarts. ok I can live with that, BUT NOT AT THE SAME PRICE AS THE QUARTS. I assumed there would be a slight increase in price due to having to pay for extra containers to get the same quart of ice cream, but to have to pay quart price for a pint?? No way. Sorry but due to your greed, you have just lost a good customer. There are other equally good ice creams available that don't take you to the cleaners to obtain.

  9. Agreed! It's so good. I can't eat carageenan , so the all natural chocolate and vanilla quickly became a favorite. Unfortunately it has disappeared from my store.


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