Friday, March 28, 2014

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Haagen Dazs Tiramisu Gelato

Haagen-Dazs Tiramisu Gelato is labeled as tiramisu gelato with cocoa ladyfinger pieces. Since I've only had Tiramisu once in my lifetime for Buca Di Beppo, I had very high hopes after trying this cake for the first time in my life and it was absolutely amazing. Upon cracking the lid, you notice that you see a coffee looking like layer and a small glimpse of the mix-ins (cocoa ladyfinger pieces) which reminded me somewhat of Butterfingers in essence; not rock hard which you can find in a pint of Ben & Jerry's from time and time again.

Haagen Dazs is not really known for loads of mix-ins such, but after having Peanut Butter Pie and knowing how rich the mix-ins were I wish this was the case for this pint. Let me tell you though, the base is literally spot on coffee flavor that is nice and mild. It's not a dark blend or a light blend but more along the lines of a middle with a small touch of a mascarpone aftertaste, which is very nice. There is also a small kick of a cheese kind of flavoring that layers the tiramisu to complete the taste aspect you would want when trying out this pint.

The base was very cream, very similar to those of having a pint of Talenti's gelato, and not like you would have if you had a regular pint from this brand. The creaminess of the coffee/tiramisu base was absolutely spot on and the ladyfinger mix-ins were very dense and rich. They were not just small little flakes they were actual globs. They had a great outside crunch and a good tasting sponge cake taste to them with a hint of a butterfingers. I really did not taste much of a cocoa ladyfinger, but without a doubt this pint has exactly what you want when it comes to a true tiramisu flavoring.

Where Bob Found It: Super Walmart
Bob's Grade: A

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