Saturday, February 1, 2014

REVIEW: Blue Bell Tin Roof

Not only did the new year bring Blue Bell’s I ♥ Chocolate, but they also decided to reintroduce Tin Roof: vanilla ice cream with a rich chocolate fudge swirl and roasted peanuts dipped in dark chocolate. Many Blue Bell fanatics have messaged me asking when this was making a return, so I felt it necessary to take a closer look now that it’s available once again. I’m well aware of how incredible their vanilla ice cream can be, but since this isn’t their coveted Homemade version, let’s hope the fudge swirl and dark chocolate peanuts can pick up the slack.

Even though the first layer of this 190 calories per serving effectively hid everything hiding underneath, one pull of my ice cream scoop was enough to unearth a substantial amount of that rich chocolate fudge swirl. Just the simple, self-explanatory combination of vanilla ice cream coupled with this sensational chocolate sauce was enough to elevate this ice cream above average.

The final component, and the biggest letdown in our opinion, were the peanuts dipped in dark chocolate. These could have catapulted Tin Roof to an A, but instead, these rock-hard roasted peanuts were more of a hinderance than help. On multiple occasions my molars were abruptly stopped by the frozen solid mix-ins; one of pet peeves here at The Ice Cream Informant. While Blue Bell’s vanilla ice cream and flowing fudge sauce will always rank highly, the other addition held this one back.

Where I Found It: Super Walmart
Grade: B


  1. I have sensitive teeth, but I don't recall the chocolate-coated peanuts being a bother to them. Perhaps that is because I never eat any ice cream immediately out of the freezer. I prefer a softer ice cream experience, so I let the tub melt for a while in the refrigerator before digging in. Maybe that is why we had different takes about those peanuts. :)

  2. This is my favorite ice cream tin roof. Why is it only seasonal? I look for it all the time and I can't find it. I love this ice cream.

    1. Me too. When are they going to bring back again? After the germ incident last year (or the year before?), BlueBell shut down its factory for a while. After fixing everything, BlueBell again came back tot the market but haven't seen the TinRoof flavor yet and eagerly waiting when it will be available.

  3. It's my favorite and I would some right now!

  4. The chocolate covered nuts are my favorite part

  5. Can i find tin roof ice cream at Super walmart? It's my favorite an i have been craving it for sometime now, I'm not sure if the walmart where I live is considered a super one but I'm never able to find this awesome ice cream when I go grocery shopping. I would very much like it to be put back on the shelves at all the local stores in my area!!!!!

  6. I cannot believe that tin roof finally came back! I was craving it so much that I'm eating about a gallon a week! That's terrible I know but I missed it so much! Does anyone know if it's still going to be a seasonal item?


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