Friday, February 7, 2014

READER REVIEW: Arjun's Review of Edy's Slow Churned French Vanilla

There is a range of vanilla flavors incorporated into different ice creams, all with distinct tastes and smells, even to the untrained ice cream crusher. An eater should expect that flavor to be encapsulated into the container and Edy’s Slow Churned French Vanilla delivers on that promise. The French Vanilla flavor is distinct throughout the container in both aroma and in taste.

There are two potential issues to be concerned about that could be pitfalls in a flavor such as this one: quick melting of the ice cream and gumminess. The slow- churned process does not lead to the inclusion of a high butterfat content as is traditional in ice cream. Certain Edy’s offerings have given me trouble on this point (Pumpkin Patch poignantly comes to mind), but this particular container fared well in that regard. There was no soupy residue or decrease in enjoyment. The ice cream held up well for sustained eating with delicious spoonfuls. Gumminess was not apparent, either. Gumminess is a major turnoff and an indicator of an overly artificial and unattractive concoction. With those two concerns dissipated, the flavor was enjoyable.

Just because ice cream selections throughout all brands are adjective and mix- in laden with attractive options that demand impulse buys, do not sleep on the “simple” flavors. It certainly is not a triumph of peanut butter, chocolate, pick your favorite toppings combined, but it is an unpretentious and overall satisfactory offering. At 100 calories per half cup serving, quantity might also be a consideration in making this selection. It is also ripe for your own mix-ins, but they are not necessary. I always keep an eye out for special limited editions and holiday creations, but the tried and true ones are sometimes can be worth the try.

Where Arjun Found It: Giant Eagle
Arjun's Grade: B

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  1. I have focused on reviewing mix-laden flavors because I didn't think there was much anyone could say about a basic vanilla, but this excellent review has proved me wrong. I agree that soupiness and gumminess are big factors in this type of ice cream and appreciate your attention to them. Thanks for the review! :)


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