Wednesday, February 5, 2014

REVIEW: Gelato Fiasco Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp

With multiple inches of snow still on the ground, ice on the unsalted roads, a steep driveway and a rear wheel drive equipped vehicle; I was yet again stuck at home all day. Luckily, I still had three more pints of Gelato Fiasco sitting in my freezer and Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp was calling my name. The description on the back reads, “Remember blueberry crisp with a scoop on top? Our version has blueberries, crunchy oat streusel, and vanilla gelato. Wow.

Blueberry themed ice creams are among my favorite and since they don't come around often, I eagerly unscrewed the top to this 220 calorie per serving selection. Even though the whole blueberries blended up in the gelato give the impression of two separate flavors, this is vanilla through and through. This means the all-white portions of this pint are pure, high-quality vanilla gelato; sweet and simple.

To cut the vanilla, Gelato Fiasco employs deep, dark purple blueberries that add flavoring, texture and vivid colors. The final component of Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp comes from the small broken bits of oat streusel sprinkled in. Bites combining all three ingredients not only warrant an A, but send this soaring up our overall rankings. Gelato Fiasco continues to impress.

Where I Found It: Gelato Fiasco (Portland, Maine)
Grade: A


  1. I read the label, it sounds enticing but I have this thing about only eating blueberries from Maine. It says Wild Maine blueberries in it's name, but it didn't list it as such on the ingredients. Red flag to me, do you know if the blueberries are from Maine?

    1. I'd imagine these are actually from Maine. Gelato Fiasco is based out of Brunswick, MA, so I'd imagine they'd source them locally rather than going out of state for their blueberries.

    2. Hi Gayle,

      Yes, the blueberries are from Maine. We're headquartered in Brunswick, Maine, so that's all we would use!


  2. Sounds fantastic. I have been working with Bobby and local stores here to see about carrying the Fiasco here in St. Louis!

  3. Which would you say is better, this or Jeni's Brambleberry Crisp?


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