Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NEWS: Graeter's to Release Gelato and Reduced Sugar Flavors

Graeter's published a press release earlier this month announcing both gelato and reduced sugar flavors to be released as early as today, January 15th.

"CINCINNATI, OHIO (January 2014) – Graeter’s is officially launching its first significant new product expansion in the ice cream manufacturer’s 144-year history in the frozen dessert market with the introduction of Gelato and A Little Less Indulgent ice cream. Customers can purchase the new gelato and reduced sugar lines as early as January 15th online and in Graeter’s stores. The new products are made with the same high quality ingredients and attention to detail as Graeter’s original flavors.

“Graeter’s has focused solely on hand-crafting our super-premium ice cream for four generations, and we’ll certainly continue to serve to our tried and true fans, but we’re excited to open the door to new customers and experiences with our gelato and reduced sugar lines,” said Richard Graeter, CEO of the 4th generation, family owned company. “A Little Less Indulgent and our gelato will still be made by hand, two gallons at a time through our French pot process, but they’ll have a few differences that make them unique.”

According to Graeter’s, the new gelato line is the most authentic gelato available in the United States, resembling that found in Italy. The secret to its authenticity is Graeter’s French pot process, which uses the same old-world freezing process used by Italian gelato machines. The method prevents air from being whipped into the product and also restricts the producer to make it in small batches, which is a requirement to be an authentic gelato. Gelato traditionally has significantly less air than typical American ice creams, and only half the butterfat content of super-premium ice creams.

Graeter’s gelato flavors include Caramel Truffle, Hazelnut Truffle, Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffles and Dark Chocolate Truffle. The decadent chocolate candy truffles are made by Gertrude Hawk, a family owned candy confectioner in Pennsylvania. The candies are specially made to be mixed into ice cream, so each truffle melts in your mouth.

Graeter’s second new product, the “A Little Less Indulgent” line, stands apart from other reduced sugar ice cream varieties thanks to the sweetness provided by a natural sugar substitute made from Monk fruit extract. The sweetener is 150 times sweeter than regular sugar and releases slowly into the body, so blood sugar will not spike. The new line has 50% less sugar, and also has roughly 25 percent less fat and 25% fewer calories than Graeter’s regular ice cream, making it a just little less indulgent while retaining all the flavor of Graeter’s traditional ice cream.

“Everyone deserves dessert, and while our original Graeter’s ice cream may be a bigger splurge than some want to make on a daily basis, we felt that the reduced sugar frozen dessert options currently available just do not suffice for our customers,” said Graeter. “Graeter’s ‘A Little Less Indulgent’ line has all of the flavor of original Graeter’s, but with a less sugar and fat. It’s not diet or any more nutritious than a typical bowl of ice cream. It’s just truly ‘A Little Less Indulgent’ for those who need to watch their sugar consumption”

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip and Mint Chocolate Chip are among the flavors in the new “A Little Less Indulgent” line, all of which have 50% less sugar, 25% less fat, and 25% fewer calories than the regular versions of those flavors.

Kroger will be the first grocery store to sell the new lines, beginning in late January, and they will also be available for home delivery online at In March, Graeter’s Gelato and A Little Less Indulgent will roll out in select grocery stores across the United States.

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  1. I've heard such great things about this brand I decided to splurge and try the chocolate truffle gelato. It is not good. Very not good. In fact, I have to say it's the worst gelato I've ever had. Nothing like what you get in Italy, or even on par with other commercial brands. It's got an icy texture, reminding me of sorbet. It's very low on flavor, considering how dark it is. So disappointing. I can only assume that the ice creams are much better. But after this experience I probably won't be giving them another chance.


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