Monday, December 2, 2013

READER REVIEW: Omari's Review of Target's Market Pantry Turtle Sundae

Since I shop at Target fairly often I am familiar with their store brand items especially their ice cream. One day I noticed that their Market Pantry brand of ice cream had a lot more flavors added to their roster which this is one of them. Sadly, I also noticed that they discontinued their Archer Farms brand ice cream (R.I.P.) though some of these flavors got a Market Pantry re-branding (but that's another show). I really liked their Archer Farms ice cream so why not see what their other brand could do. Here is the description on the box, "Turtle Sundae Ice Cream: Caramel Ice Cream with a Fudge Swirl & Caramel Filled Turtle Candies."

First off, the caramel ice cream based has a light caramel color tint to it that just lets you know that is caramel flavored. I like this as it gives it more of a natural look as if the only thing that colored the ice cream was actual caramel. The ice cream based has a good taste and texture yet it is not very strong in caramel flavor by itself and it ends up as a background/supportive role. The fudge swirl has a consistency more like a fudge sauce that you would use to flavor milk or use as a topping. It has a good chocolate flavor that by itself could be a little too strong but combines well with the other ingredients.

Last but definitely not least are the turtle candies. I just love turtle candies and this is the main reason why I picked up this ice cream. These candies are actually shaped like turtles which are very detailed for their small size. The candies were so delicious that Target could sell them separately as they have a delicious chocolate taste and the caramel has a soft, silky texture with a taste that could compete with the best. Sometimes I wonder if the caramel ice cream flavor was toned down as to not overshadow the actual caramel in the candy as it might not be picked up as a distinct flavor. I would have rated this higher if it had pecans in it like another chocolate caramel pecan candy that I love. Stay tuned for the next part in the caramel ice cream saga.

Where Omari Found It: Target
Omari's Grade: B

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