Friday, December 13, 2013

READER REVIEW: Omari's Review of Market Pantry Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel

Here is Part 2 of my Market Pantry caramel ice cream reviews. If you read my Turtle Sundae review then you already know my thoughts on the caramel ice cream base that is used in their ice creams. Also, in that episode (I mean post, right?) I mentioned how some of the new Market Pantry ice creams are just a re-branding (or literal cheap imitation?) of old Archer Farms ice creams. Well this is one of them though there is a slight name change (Pretzel came before Caramel in the original). I loved the original Archer Farms flavor so I wanted to see how this stands up. Here is the description on the box, "Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Ice Cream: Caramel Ice Cream Swirled with Fudge, Sea Salt Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolaty Coated Pretzels."

If you have not read my review of "Market Pantry Turtle Sundae Ice Cream" then you should do so now as the ice cream and the fudge is exactly the same. The sea salt caramel has the same great texture and taste as the caramel in the turtle candies that I mentioned in that other review but with the added taste of salt. I love caramels especially with sea salt and this does not disappoint. The salt noticeably enhances the caramel's flavor without making the ice cream taste too salty. Now on to the chocolate coated pretzels which are so delicious that Target could sell them separately (this is probably going to be said in a few more of my reviews). When I think of pretzels, I think of salt. You would think that the addition of salted pretzels with salted caramel would make this ice cream taste like a salt lick but the salt is just perfectly balanced. The chocolate coating is just sweet enough to compliment the salted pretzels. The pretzels were broken such that they were small enough to fit on a spoon but were still big enough to know what you were eating. Most of the pretzels were delightfully crunchy though there were a few that got moist but that did not deter my enjoyment. For a re-branding of an ice cream flavor to a lower price point, I would think that it would not hold a candle to the original. This is flavor manages to taste near similar to the original that I probably would not be able to tell the difference in a blind taste test and this is why I rated it so.

Where Omari Found It: Target
Omari's Grade: A


  1. I tried it and thought it was pretty awful - the pretzels were soggy, the chocolate was bland. The ice cream itself is so-so. Maybe I got a bad batch!

  2. Agree with Jenn, this is terrible.


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