Tuesday, October 22, 2013

READER REVIEW: Mo's Review of Hood Mystic White Gold

There’s something about being in a different state that makes me want to try new ice cream flavors—even ones I normally wouldn't go for. On a recent trip to New Hampshire, I decided to pick up a carton of Hood ice cream, a brand I’ve heard of but have yet to see hit the stores in my area. Though the selection at the Hannaford supermarket up where I was staying had a number of Hood flavors, I decided to forego the more traditional ones in favor of Mystic White Gold, described as "butterscotch flavored ice cream with cinnamon caramel swirl and white chips."

Now I have to be honest: By buying this flavor, I was sort of setting myself up to fail. The idea of butterscotch ice cream sounded really sweet—too sweet almost, especially when paired with a mix-in like white chocolate chips. But because this flavor, at least based on the description, seemed to be like none other I’d ever had before, I was tempted to try it nonetheless. And even though it did end up being a bit too sweet for my taste, I’m glad I broadened my horizons by giving it a go.

So here’s how this ice cream breaks down: The butterscotch base itself comes across as fairly light, which, for a flavor this sweet, is actually a very good thing. The swirls, which amp up the sweetness factor a little bit, are rather abundant, especially as you make your way deeper into the carton. And the white chips, though obviously sweet on their own, add a nice little crunch that somehow, at least for me, helps to offset that sweetness. And oh yeah, the white chips are plentiful; I found several in my very first bite, and the chip-to-base ratio only got more favorable along the way.

So would I buy this flavor again? Probably not. But am I glad I tried it? Definitely. It’s one of the more interesting concoctions I’ve sampled this year, and if it had about double the fat and a funnier, funkier name, I’d almost liken it to something our friends over at Ben & Jerry’s would’ve come up with.

Now I don’t know how much Hood ice cream usually retails for, but I got my carton at a very reasonable $2.99. And considering I’ve been known to pay significantly more than that for a so-called artisan pint, I’m coming away feeling like I certainly got my money’s worth.

Where Mo Found It: Hannaford (Plymouth, NH)
Mo's Grade: C

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  1. "Mystic White Gold"? You really should compile a top five unintentionally funny ice-cream names. By the way, Jeni's is creating their own version of this flavor. It contains actual gold.


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