Wednesday, October 16, 2013

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Talenti Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Being a gelato based product, Talenti has been known to have some hit or miss flavors and the hit being a major seller in Sea Salt Caramel and some pretty subpar flavors as in their basic chocolate and vanilla offerings. While Talenti may be one to stray from because of its price I found this pint on sale for $3.50, which is pretty good considering it's usually around $5.00, which is comparable to buying a pint of Graeter's in the grocery store. After trying their Southern Butter Pecan and Sea Salt Caramel I have had high hopes of this product being a big peanut butter fan, but had no idea how they would implement just peanut butter cups and swirls.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is described as "Belgium milk chocolate gelato with a rich swirl of creamy, organic peanut butter. Then, we add all-natural mini chocolate peanut butter cups for our take on a flavor everyone loves." The chocolate gelato is as smooth as you'll find as expected from a Gelato. Much like Sea Salt Caramel, the smoothness of this gelato just can't be touched by ice cream due to its very soft nature. The milk chocolate is rich, decadent and borders on the verge of being dark, but resembles more of a milk chocolate and a hint of a swiss chocolate in my opinion. Upon the first bite it was very refreshing and was quite remarkable because you also get hints of a peanut butter swirl and small little chunks of peanut butter cups, which are loaded as you continue to dig deeper.

The mini peanut butter cups aren’t that large, but they are plentiful and they also are scattered everywhere in the pint with nearly every single bite. Talenti did a very good job of combining the swiss/milk chocolate with a great peanut butter aftertaste. Not to mention the amount of peanut butter chunks/swirls you will encounter, as the above picture shows, enhances the pint and its overall flavoring. With Talenti not being shy on mix-ins and them not being hard as a rock (like Ben & Jerry's usually are), the soft peanut butter cups remind you of those coming right from a wrapper and placed right into the gelato. While it may be a stronger chocolate than PB flavoring that may be expected but overall they did a good job putting two and two together with the amount of mix-ins, peanut butter flavoring, and a rich chocolate gelato base. While it is not overwhelming and powerful like a Graeter's with flavor, it still gets some good recognition. I would have to say this is a top 3 flavor off the Talenti line and should be looked into if you are a gelato fan or enjoy peanut butter in general.

Where Bob Found It: Giant Eagle
Bob's Grade: B

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