Saturday, October 12, 2013

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Handel's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Upon getting this pint for my brother, I had to sneak in and grab an extra pint in my cooler to try out myself because he raved its the best chocolate chip and cookie dough he has had and trumps 2nd Street's Creamery which blew my mind. Handel's again makes everything homemade and they pack in THICK and dense chocolate chips that are close to Graeter's and cookie dough chunks that are like small golf balls in their mixture.

Upon my first bite it was clear that this was going to be a keeper. The vanilla base is more like a true cake batter flavoring with a rich vanilla aftertaste that is very refreshing. Now looking into the mix-ins they are everywhere. Its like spoonfuls in every bite, literally this was 50% mix in and 50% ice cream which made me excited because I am a mix-in junkie. The chocolate chips are dense and not hard as a rock like Ben & Jerry's, but are like a fresh Hershey's bar as far as texture and start to melt in your mouth which is incredible. The cookie dough pieces are like straight from a package you would grab at the grocery store but split into massive chunks instead of small flakes like in many ice creams you may come across.

As I dug down into the pint, it was evident that you are getting so many mix-ins and so much flavor from the base, chocolate chips and cookie dough pieces that its a true winner. This is hands down the best cookie dough I have had. If this had a swirl it may be the best ice cream mixture I ever had, but for not even having a swirl, this was just remarkable. Everything again goes hand in hand with each other and the amount of mix-ins is why I rate it so high. Don't get me wrong, the Graeter's I had was good, but this is a touch above as far as the base goes and the amount of mix-ins hence why I still give it an A rating. If this had a swirl, this would again may be the best I have ever come across since cookie dough is amazing.

Overall, for anyone who enjoys chocolate chips, a good vanilla base that has a cake batter flavoring, or cookie dough you must try this if you ever run across and Handel's in the Pennsylvania/Ohio areas. There are a few more outside of those states but that is where they dwell. This is something everyone should run across or try to visit if they are in the area!

Where Bob Found It: Handel's Ice Cream (Pittsburgh, PA)
Bob's Grade: A

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