Wednesday, October 2, 2013

READER REVIEW: Arjun's Review of Turkey Hill Blitzburgh Crunch

Turkey Hill’s Blitzburgh Crunch celebrates the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fan base, which as I have witnessed firsthand, is a rabid and devoted one. Considering that the Steelers are having an -- ahem off-year -- to say the least, Steelers fans should repeatedly head to this bucket to console themselves. It certainly could be more “Pittsburgh” by incorporating something yellow, but overkill is not a particularly appealing quality. For 170 calories a serving, you will feel a great amount satisfaction for quantity and quality.

The crunch that the container and title tout is not as flagrant as promised, but it is still substantial enough. The pictures would seem to indicate that the crunch is much more present, but it is not as overpowering as I would have wanted. The picture of that black crunch is glorious (and desktop background worthy). It provides a welcome respite from the vanilla base, but it is sometimes difficult to incorporate into every bite as I was trying to do, owing to its immense concentration. The color of the vanilla base was ideal, but I wanted some crunch and additional consistency with every bite, which might have been avaricious of me. Even doing something like breaking into small mint-like or chocolate chips could have an enriching effect on every bite, which would be much appreciated. The next time that I go for this, I think I will add in some chocolate chips and a dollop of fudge.

A welcome surprise from this flavor was that I felt satiated after eating this, which is not always a feeling that I can attest to after consuming a non super-premium ice cream.

I am not that familiar with the Turkey Hill line, but I know that is based out of Lancaster, PA and celebrates the Phillies, Eagles, and Steelers (also a Yankees flavor). I have not tried the other sports flavors, but it is a wonderful concept. I am unaware of Turkey Hill’s geographic reach, but I have had the Blitzburgh Crunch flavor at Wegmans in Upstate New York (which should be Bills territory, but I am fairly positive that there are more Steelers fans there than Bills fans) and of course, in Western PA. When you are scanning the Turkey Hill section in your freezer section, keep a keen eye out for a black container.

I definitely recommend this flavor if you are in the mood for an ice cream that can promise an appropriate balance of crunch, soft consistency, aesthetics, and quantity/quality, not to mention the concept. I have used this flavor as a topping, as well. It works beautifully in that role. I have also mixed and match it with non-premium ice cream and super-premium ice cream. If versatility appeals to you, go for it. It is quite simple and may promote more flash and aesthetics in trying to attract Steelers fans, but if you have the opportunity to have this flavor, you will not regret it. Others who I have shared this flavor with have returned rave reviews to me. It straddles the line of B and A. I cannot call you soft for determining it to be an A and you are not an A-frugal snob for grading it less.

Where Arjun Found It: Giant Eagle
Arjun's Grade: B


  1. This review makes no mention of what the ice cream actually is, what's in it, or how it tastes.

  2. The official description is "Sweet cream vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake crunchies and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl."


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