Wednesday, September 25, 2013

REVIEW: Turkey Hill Cold Churned Moose Tracks

After walking up and down the ice cream aisle and seeing little that seemed worthy of buying, I ended up settling on a quantity over quality option: Turkey Hill’s Moose Tracks Cold Churned Light Ice Cream. Combining peanut butter cups and famous Moose Tracks Fudge with their light vanilla ice cream, Turkey Hill does what many other companies have done in the past and that is, call upon a mercenary to help assist their flavor. Moose Tracks commonly comes to the rescue of flavors that would otherwise be a flop. I’ve experienced the magic of Moose Tracks fudge in similar flavors from PET and Private Selections, both of which greatly benefitted from the chocolate swirls.

By opting to use a light vanilla ice cream, Turkey Hill manages to keep the calories contained to only 140 per serving and with the top removed, the textural difference between this base and a super-premium can easily be seen. The fact that I can already see streaks of the Moose Tracks fudge is certainly a good thing though. After scooping some into a bowl, the vanilla light ice cream proved worthy of its title. The consistency was a notch under what I consider acceptable and the sweet, vanilla taste seemed a little artificial. Luckily, the best was yet to come.

It wasn’t long before I started hitting some of the peanut butter cups Turkey Hill had scattered about. While the size of each cup may have been small, the taste was there in full force. The soft, chocolate shell melted away quickly to reveal the sweet peanut butter filling inside. Purposely saving the best for last, I waited a while before collecting a spoonful of pure Moose Tracks fudge. The thick smears of dark, slightly hardened fudge are among my favorite in any ice cream. While the consistency is my favorite aspect, the rich, in your face fudge flavoring is unlike any other chocolate swirl in the business. When it was all said and done, Moose Tracks was able to take a Turkey Hill flavor that may have fallen below average into something I actually enjoyed considering the calories.

Where I Found It: Ingles Markets
Grade: C

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