Wednesday, September 18, 2013

REVIEW: Edy's Slow Churned Pumpkin Patch (Limited Edition)

After I received a Freezer Find submission (as well as a Reader Review) of Edy’s limited edition Slow Churned Pumpkin Patch, I sat out to see what ice cream could possibly come in at only 90 calories per serving. I’ve seen flavors approach the 100-calorie threshold, but I’ve never reviewed anything that’s dipped below it. I picked up and reviewed their Grand version of this same flavor last fall (which I ranked around average despite my love for all things pumpkin), so I was interested to see if this lean rendition could stay relevant. The new Pumpkin Patch name seems to be just a simple name change because it still possesses the same description of sweet, pumpkin flavored light ice cream; just like the previous release. Edy’s encourages people to celebrate the bounty of harvest with this delicious seasonal treat that’s only available September through October.

Since this only contains 90 calories per serving, that means that the entire 1.5 quarts stuffed inside this container would only set someone back 1080 calories; less than a lot of super-premium pints. Edy’s is able to keep the nutrition facts so light by using non-fat milk and only including half the fat of their already low-fat Grand flavors. The trade off for the decline in calories is evident in the texture and feel. With the top removed, Pumpkin Patch’s first layer looks identical to that of their Pumpkin from last year. My scoop was able to cut through the low-fat base with ease, grabbing huge globs of pale orange ice cream as I transferred them out of the carton and into my bowl.

As expected, the texture leaves plenty to be desired. Without the heavy cream and butterfat incorporated during the churning process, the consistency has a sticky, somewhat gummy feel. Surprisingly enough, I couldn’t really tell the difference between this and the heavier Grand flavor. The flavors inside weren’t enough to knock off any other pumpkin-inspired ice creams on my list, but the sweet and subtle artificial taste was strangely satisfying. This is one of those options, unfortunately, that is rather bland without the assistance of any mix-ins. If you’re in a quantity over quality type of mood, and enjoy pumpkin flavored things like most everyone else in America, this isn’t a bad option, but don’t go in with unreasonable expectations.

Where I Found It: Walmart
Grade: D

And like most other flavors that don't live up to my extremely high standards, I built upon the base with some custom, at-home mix-ins. At only 90 calories per serving, I went a little overboard. I crunched up graham crackers in the Pumpkin Patch ice cream, added a warm, fudge brownie and topped the whole thing with chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkles. These additions quickly enhanced Edy's light ice cream to an A-rated ice cream experience.


  1. Odd that they'd call it 'slow churned' when my stomach churned rather quickly.

    Seriously, though, Edy's/Dreyer's has some of the worst ice cream I've ever had. I had the misfortune of trying their Eggnog flavor once, and it was horribad. It tasted like tapioca that had turned. Also, with all of the flavors I've tried, their textures are a bit off regardless if it is 'Grand' or 'Slow Churned'. You said 'sticky', but I'd venture to say that the ones I've had ventured over towards 'gritty'.

    What's sad is that this brand used to be pretty good until about a decade ago. Price rose, carton got smaller, and the quality went WAY down.

  2. Strange, the Edy's Pumpkin Patch versions I have seen in the grocery store around here have 130 calories in it? I don't think it said 1/2 the fat on it. I didn't see any other lighter versions?

  3. The slow churned is the light. Pumpkin Patch is also available in the regular.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep. They have both a Slow Churned version and a Grand version. The Slow Churned version is their super-low calorie option, while the grand contains 40-50 more calories.

  5. Maybe I'm in the minority (and talking to some of my friends, it seems that I might be! xD) but I actually LOVE the slow churned texture. To me, it reminds me more of custard, than of ice cream. The first time I tried it, I was ecstatic and couldn't believe that ice cream could actually have that texture- it's now my second favorite frozen thing, my absolute favorite being Meadows Frozen Custard which I unfortunately don't have access too but once in a great while.

    To me, this stuff knocks all the "super premium" ice creams way out of the water. I actually grabbed the slow churned by accident I think (the regular "grand' pumpkin one was right next to it) but I plan to eat this stuff daily until they stop carrying it. I don't even care about the fat content- to me it's just that good.

    1. Well you're very lucky that you prefer the taste of this. Especially at only 90 calories per serving!


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