Monday, September 16, 2013

READER REVIEW: Winston's Review of Graeter's Peanut Butter Brownie

Ever since Winston started graduate school this semester, we haven't seen the usual amount of Reader Reviews from him, but this weekend we were fortunate enough to get his take on one of Graeter's limited time, seasonal selections: Peanut Butter Brownie. Thanks for making the time to share!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I felt compelled to share a recent experience with all the fellow Ice Cream fans out there: Graeter’s Peanut Butter Brownie. As far as I know, thus far, you can buy it in scoop shops and online. Recently, I taste tested it at my local scoop shop and the experience proved sufficient to buy a pint and conduct a review. At 260 calories a serving, I definitely couldn’t say no, though I’m rather skeptical of the accuracy of the nutrition facts.

The base: it’s the peanut butter we all know and love from Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (or should love if you haven’t already tried it!). It’s extremely creamy (more than Ben and Jerry, and about on par with Jeni’s Buckeye Blitz), contains a palatable amount of salt, and is perfectly sweet. Oh, and it’s loaded with peanut butter flavor!

The Brownies? Quite good. They are noticeably chocolate-rich, sweet, and vary in their moisture content. As a whole, most of them are not as moist as Ben and Jerry’s Brownies in Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and some of them can be a tad brittle. That said, on average, they are about as moist as 2nd Street’s brownies in “Tons of Brownies”, but are obviously not as numerous.

This pint is well worth the trek to a scoop shop or an online order (if you can afford it). Because of the superior Peanut Butter base, it’s a clear win over Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and is marginally superior to 2nd Street’s Brownie variant, again, because of the base.

Where Winston Found It: Graeter's (Columbus, Ohio)
Winston's Grade: A


  1. My grocery store is getting this.

    1. I'm supposed to receiving a shipment containing this soon as well. I can't wait to dig in. Their peanut butter ice cream is great and the brownies should only help out.


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