Monday, September 9, 2013

READER REVIEW: Kenneth's Review of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Here's yet another review from our friend over at The Retail Judge, Kenneth:

I won't deny feeling a bit odd reviewing Blue Bell's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough AFTER evaluating Krazy Kookie Dough. The disturbingly colorful pint certainly got crazy with the amount of sugar cookie dough included, but the actual flavor (and overall experience) was a different story. Before this, a recent re-scooping of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked reminded me just how great Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough can be. Combine this with my inclination towards Blue Bell and I decided to snag up their version of this common go-to flavor.

Visually, Blue Bell make a good first impression on the top layer. Plenty of small, individual chocolate chips and a few cookie dough gobs are already greeting my eyes. As expected, the employed base is one of Blue Bell's tasty vanilla offerings. The flavor is smooth, creamy and moderately indulgent. Here to accentuate the solid foundation is a helping of small, rounded cookie dough gobs. These taste as you'd like and expect, given Blue Bell's reputation. It literally mimics the taste and feel of those bake-in-the-oven cookies you buy in the dairy section. They're doughy, chocolatey and, combined with the separate chips, allow the ice cream to become even more enjoyable.

I will admit, however, to being spoiled by Krazy Kookie Dough because, in spite of its unremarkable flavor, the sheer frequency of the cookie dough elevated each scooping session. This more traditional version is the exact opposite. Just about everything here tastes great, but it's far easier to encounter scoops devoid of any cookie dough. And though I attest that Blue Bell's vanilla base can satisfy on its own, I won't deny being disappointed by the moderate-at-best mix-in presence.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a tough flavor to get wrong, and Blue Bell are as good an example as any to prove this. While the ice cream doesn't win any awards for copious mix-ins, the end result is still very satisfying and easy to put away in one or two sittings.

Where Kenneth Found It: Walgreens
Kenneth's Grade: B

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