Wednesday, September 25, 2013

READER REVIEW: Kenneth's Review of Ben & Jerry's Rockin' Blondies (Target Exclusive)

Almost immediately after conquering (what used to be) every Ben & Jerry's flavor found at Target, two were retired and, subsequently, two new batches were introduced. Rockin' Blondies, which promises a combination of butterscotch, toffee and brown sugar flavors, immediately got my attention, almost to the point of disregard for Peanut Butter Jam Session. After all, this is a combination of flavors we don't see too often, even from Ben & Jerry's. Because of that, I have high hopes.

The initial layer is quite plain, with one brownie and one flake being the only notable bits of intrusion. The self-proclaimed "Buttery Brown Sugar Ice Cream" has more of a light, creamy, maple flavor to it. It doesn't feel too far off from Trace Adkin's Maple Macadamia Mash Up (Good & Delish). As I continue to indulge, my mind begins to acknowledge this base almost like a French vanilla flavor. We're not necessarily dealing with an exciting foundation, but there's potential if the mix-ins leave a good impression.

I manage to quickly acquire a golden brownie and a butterscotch/toffee blake together, providing a nice combination of sugary flavors. The golden brownies are chewier than I expected, as if undercooked. They emit a strange flavor, throwing my mind and taste buds for a loop. I go from thinking of raisins and cranberries to caramel. Coming to a final verdict on them proves to be a surprising challenge. They definitely seem to be the primary mix-in, given I encounter at least half a dozen halfway down the pint. If there's one certainty about them, it's that they're unique and give the pint its own flavor and identity. However, I'm not sure if I'd call them pleasant or not.

Conversely, the butterscotch-covered toffee flakes have a nice, candy-like coating that melts and crunches away, with a sweet flavor that pops through the ice cream. These also make a great case for "bigger is better," since the larger flakes truly enhance the overall experience. I just wish they showed up more frequently. When everything is taken together, it's surprisingly chewy, with the brownies sticking around and essentially blurring the butterscotch/toffee flakes into an afterthought (along with the ice cream).

I expected Rockin' Blondies to be a nice change of pace from the norm. In most respects, it is. The brownies are a strange force to fathom which, giving a distinct personality to what would otherwise be a fairly routine pint. It would be nice to see more of a role from the flakes, or maybe even a flakey swirl to keep the base from standing on its own. As is, Rockin' Blondies is definitely worth checking out and might just earn a repeat purchase, even if it fell below my high expectations.

Where Kenneth Found It: Target
Kenneth's Grade: B


  1. I had really high hopes for this one because its all flavors I love. Unfortunately the chunks of blondies ruined it for me. I decided they tasted like soggy mashed up captain crunch cereal. No good. I did love the butterscotch toffee flakes. Maybe someday they will show up without the chewed up cereal bit blondies.

    1. There's nothing wrong with the blondies. What is wrong with this pint is the same thing that almost everyone else has said--not enough mixins and a tame base.

    2. Honestly, I kind of agree with brandles here. I wasn't too crazy about them, they were more distracting to the experience than anything else. If there was a nice, dense swirl and significant amount of the flakes, this would've earned an A without question.

    3. The blondies was, meh. The butterscotch was the highlight IMO

    4. The blondies was, meh. The butterscotch was the highlight IMO


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