Wednesday, September 18, 2013

READER REVIEW: Kenneth's Review of Ben & Jerry's Truffle Trifecta (Walgreens Exclusive)

I don't exactly live in the best town to find, obtain and sample new products. It took some time before the Walgreens-exclusive Truffle Trifecta from Ben & Jerry's showed up here. By that point, the excitement seemed to have died down. The flavor received unenthusiastic marks from almost every site, but I still had hope for it to deliver some satisfaction.

Based on the cover and its description, I'm expecting plenty of chocolate action, along with complementary flavors to break up the monotony. Given the nutritional content, it should come as little surprise that the chocolate base is quite dense and very indulgent. Though I initially find it rather uninteresting, its richness grows on me. By the time it starts to melt I grow increasingly fond. As for the mix-ins, which arrive in the form of various miniature truffles, a fair amount are packed in. One immediate disappointment is just how small they are, which leaves even less room for their fillings to speak. The only potential upside to their small scale is the possibility for more to show up. But like I said, their appearances are just frequent enough to make note of, not much else.

As for taste, the truffles provide more chocolate flavor from outer shells, which break apart with surprising ease. It's definitely a pleasing contrast to something like the stiff balls in Chocolate Peppermint Crunch. The caramel-filled truffles seem to show up the most in my pint, with the occasional fudge or marshmallow-filled ones being significantly less prominent. As for flavor, the chocolate shell has a smoother, milkier taste from the base. The caramel-filled truffles stand out the most to me, while the other two blend with the base a little too much. I do wish there was more to this ice cream than chocolate ice cream with tiny chocolates and a brief, occasional shift in flavor.

Truffle Trifecta definitely doesn't live up to what I imagined it would be. While the base is ultimately about what I'd like and expect, the mix-in's just don't put on much of a show. It's still pleasant, and I have no trouble working through the entire pint, but it's easy to feel a bit short-changed by the lack of innovation here. For taste and overall experience, it's a bit below the mark for Ben & Jerry's. Where it falls short the most is with regards to execution. Set that aside and you have an unexciting, but still-enjoyable pint.

Where Kenneth Found It: Walgreens
Kenneth's Grade: C

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