Wednesday, September 4, 2013

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Dairy Queen's Choco Covered Cheesecake Blizzard (September 2013's Blizzard of the Month)

Dairy Queen's Blizzard of the Month for September is Chocolate Covered Cheesecake which is "Vanilla Soft Serve, Creamy Cheesecake Pieces, Rich Cocoa Fudge, and Decadent Chocolate Chunks". When I saw the workers mixing this up, they made sure they sold you nothing short of what is to be expected in this Blizzard. Huge chunks of cheesecake bites, a few scoops of chocolate chunks and then topped with fudge and topped with the vanilla soft serve before being blended.

From the appearance, this looks nothing different than a normal Blizzard, but it's hard to even notice that it has a vanilla base. In my opinion, this would probably be better with a chocolate base given the chocolate and fudge mixed into the Blizzard with the cheesecake pieces there for extra taste. As I cracked into my first bite, you could taste the fudge overpowering the vanilla base, making it like a mocha kind of a base. Because of the broken chocolate pieces, which reminded me of the small fudge flakes in the nutty caramel swirl Ben and Jerry's pint, it had a nice texture.

As I got a few bites into this blizzard it really started to shine. Once you get past the top layer and a few of the cheesecake pieces, which have a rich taste and a very soft/chewy texture (unlike some pints of Ben and Jerry's, which have rock hard mix-ins) these are very nice and reminded me of how soft the brownies are in Tons of Brownies from 2nd St. Creamery. What I found pretty funny was every once in a while you get a moment reminiscent of Graeter's when you get some chocolate pieces that were not fully mixed by the Blizzard machine and grow as large as a quarter. Huge pieces of chocolate that remind me of a Hershey Bar blended into the overall mixture create a satisfying treat.

Overall, I was pleased. Considering this is from Dairy Queen, which is soft serve, this was not bad at all. Was it their best? No, I would not say so because everyone has different taste buds. Some people would love to have peanut butter cups added in here, or some enjoy cookie dough mix-ins, etc., but for a cheesecake lover and a chocolate lover this is something you cannot pass up. Speaking for myself, if this had a chocolate base and Reese's peanut butter cups this would be an easy A, but for now, I will have this sitting at a B+ because it was good, but not overpowering/overwhelming. Then again, coming from Dairy Queen and a whopping 690 calories for a small Blizzard, you have to put all the factors together. Good mix-ins, a rich taste, and nothing mediocre about this at all. Everything was tasted (fudge in the base, vanilla hint of the real base, big chocolate chunks, and tons of cheesecake pieces that stick out of the ice cream).

Where Bob Found It: Dairy Queen
Bob's Grade: B

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