Monday, August 5, 2013

REVIEW: Dairy Queen Tripleberry Brownie Blizzard (August 2013 Blizzard of the Month)

My latest visit to Dairy Queen earlier today confirmed that the third time's a charm indeed. After visiting two times prior since August rolled around, both times I left empty handed since my nearest location hadn’t updated their menu to reflect this month’s Blizzard of the Month: Tripleberry Brownie. Today though, I was finally able to get my hands on this blend of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry puree, chewy brownie pieces and choco chunks in creamy vanilla soft serve. A few weeks back, one of our Dairy Queen insiders had this to say about the new creation, “I've tried just plain vanilla mixed with the triple berry purée (it's the same as the smoothies & Juliuses) and it tastes like black raspberry Ice cream! Very delicious." Not knowing exactly how much I’d enjoy this particular concept, I opted for the small size, paid my $3.39 and waited until my order was up.

My small sized cup would only set me back 640 calories, but ranges all the way up to 1230 calories for a large. After a short wait time, I was handed a heavy cup full of purple tinted ice cream with plenty of chocolate chunks poking through the top layer. Despite the vivid colors involved with the Tripleberry Brownie Blizzard, this one lacked the aesthetics of some of the other Blizzards I’d had recently; mainly because the mix-ins seemed to be over blended. As I spooned through the cup, I noticed there weren’t nearly as many brownie bits as I had found in my Choco Peanut Butter Brownie Blizzard from back in May. The trio of berry purees that were mixed with the creamy vanilla soft serve had given the simple base a refreshing, fruity feel, but didn't contain any of the tartness I had been anticipating.

Instead, the purees just bring another element of sweetness. To counteract the fruit, Dairy Queen called on the ingredient that constantly seems to make its way into Blizzard Treats: their choco chunks. These shards of chocolate give the whole cup a crunchy texture and add a rich finish to each bite. The part I was most looking forward to, the chewy brownie pieces, were shockingly sparse. Only two or three pieces made their way through the blending process without being completely disintegrated, which meant I only got a few tastes of the dense, doughy brownies. The bites that did happen to feature every ingredient were a perfect example of how well berries and chocolate can go together. Although this didn’t quite live up to my expectations, I do wish Ben & Jerry’s would bring back Magic Brownies, a flavor that did the combination proper justice. Until then, I'll keep thinking about the Reese's Choco Covered Cheesecake Blizzard of the Month for September 2013.

Where I Found It: Dairy Queen
Grade: C

Yes, Dairy Queen's site is wrong. The nutritional information for the mini is incorrect.

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