Sunday, August 18, 2013

REVIEW: 2nd St. Creamery Marry Me Chocolate

Over the past few months, 2nd St. Creamery has been responsible for some of the highest-ranking ice creams I’ve reviewed. This knowledge, coupled with the fact that I’ve been craving some of the simple creations from super-premium companies as of late, led me to purchase their Marry Me Chocolate: all natural chocolate ice cream. They had this to say about the inspiration behind this flavor, “Falling in love. You know how it feels when you think you’ve found “The One”? Well, this is it. Chocolate so honest and pure, it is the chocolate you will want to take home to Mom. While we were mixing up this chocolate, one of our craftsmen went on and on about how much she loves chocolate. She was passionate about getting it right. It was “Chocolate, this. And chocolate, that.” She wouldn’t stop talking about chocolate and how much she loved it. So we teased her and said, “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” She blushed as we pronounced her chocolate and wife.

Without the addition of any mix-ins, 2nd St. Creamery is able to contain this to 220 calories per serving. I lifted off the checkered lid to show off a pint-sized helping of unadulterated, super-premium, chocolate ice cream. The only time I’d had their chocolate base prior to this was in my pint of Truck Stop Fudge, but with the presence of the marshmallow and fudge sauces, it was nearly impossibly to give the ice cream the full, undivided attention it deserved. As all the other 2nd St. Creamery pints have been, the consistency of this one is practically perfect. It’s been the perfect balance of dense and smooth. It melts down slowly to let you fully appreciate the unfolding flavors.

The taste of the all natural chocolate ice cream is just as well-balanced as the high butterfat feel. Just as it did in Truck Stop Fudge, Marry Me Chocolate keeps it uncomplicated. It avoids being overly decadent like some other super-premium chocolate bases and settles somewhere in the middle of road as far as richness is concerned. All in all, if you’re looking for a fantastic all-chocolate ice cream without mix-ins, it’d be hard to find a better option than this super-premium pint of Marry Me Chocolate from 2nd St. Creamery. Still though, without the assistance of any mix-ins, and especially when compared to some of this company's other options, this lands about the middle of the road as far as overall flavors are concerned and I'd suggest going with Truck Stop Fudge instead.

Where I Found It: The Market Center (Gas Station)
Grade: C

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