Tuesday, August 13, 2013

READER REVIEW: Ryan's Review of Private Selection English Toffee Caramel (Kroger Brand)

Private Selection's English Toffee Caramel is the culmination of chocolate coated toffee pieces folded into caramel ice cream with caramel swirls. The end result from English Toffee Caramel's composition ends up being one of the top ice cream flavors I've had. Now on to this experience.

It's a summer morning and like most mornings I'm gearing up to go on a run to start the day. This morning I had the pleasure to crack the lid on my third Private Selection ice cream flavor offering. With high expectations due to Private Selections previous ice creams scoops I've had, I eagerly grab my spoon. First scoop In its easily noticeable that the entire container is filled with toffee pieces and it's a good start. Wether it be luck or not, the first side of the container I decide to take a scoop out of ends up being a hiding spot to a huge collection of caramel swirl.

I eagerly take my first bite of this visual masterpiece. The base itself in this ice cream is executed very well. It isn't the strongest caramel base I've had but its the perfect level of flavor to incorporate a dense caramel swirl. The end result of the two flavors paired is an extremely tasty experience. If I wasn't mistaken it seemed that there was an essence of toffee flavor lingering in the base as well. It wasn't hard to secure the chocolate covered toffee pieces in every bite mind you.

The chocolate covered toffee pieces were everywhere in this container, almost inescapable in fact. The toffee was crunchy and remained partially intact as well as finely broken up. As for the more fine pieces of toffee it almost seemed as if the remnants had created a swirl like texture. Scoop after scoop I found myself deeper and deeper falling into fandom of Private Selection. Coming in at. 230 calories per serving Private Selection has created a super premium ice cream experience with a pretty fair nutritional make up. This ice cream was excellent on so many levels, the toffee was sublime the swirls were dense and rich and the caramel ice cream was a perfect execution to accompany all the before mentioned pieces to this puzzle. Find this ice cream, it's worth it.

Where Ryan Found It: Kroger
Ryan's Grade: A


  1. I have really liked a lot of the Private Selection ice creams I have tried. They are generous with their mix-ins and, to me, taste quite comparable to premium brands. I think the best one, as I have mentioned before, is "Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks". There is also a "Denali Extreme Fudge Moose Tracks". The "Maximum" has even MORE swirls of the thick, hard, fudgy goodness throughout. I think these fudge chunks taste a lot better than the waxy tasting chunks in Graeter's ice cream. I highly recommend trying it!

    The Sea Salt Caramel Truffle and Denali Bear Claw Private Selection flavors are definitely worth trying as well. Surprisingly, I did not like the Denali Chocolate Peanut Butter Moose Tracks, which with pb and chocolate in it is VERY unusual. Can't put my finger on why, but I have gotten it twice thinking I would like it and ended up actually throwing it away. I would be interested to get someone else's opinion.

    1. Agreed. I really enjoy most of the flavors from Private Selection. They definitely aren't your typical generic brand. I HAVE to find the Maximum version of the Denali Extreme Moose Tracks. I was really impressed by my pint of just the standard version.

      I want to try all these you've mentioned, but unfortunately, no Kroger stores in my area :(

  2. After eating Blue Bell for quite a while I decided on a whim to give the Kroger brand Private Selection a try. Well, the flavor that I tried was the one reviewed in this article...English Toffee Caramel. I was just looking for a little variety from the BB, not expecting anything spectacular from what I assumed was Kroger's generic store brand. Let me tell you I was (still am) absolutely stunned by how good this ice cream tastes. I am here to tell you that this is hands down the best ice cream I have ever had in my life. I don't know about the other flavors by Private Selection but this English Toffee Caramel is superior to any brand/flavor I've ever had. Just try it and see what I'm talking about. Having been so impressed with this stuff I wanted to see what family & friends thought...and every single person has had the same reaction that I did.

  3. Private Selection ice cream is awesome! Every flavor is top notch. It is hands down better than the name brands (Edy's, Blue Bell, Breyer's, Mayfield....) I'd say without a doubt that it's just as good as the high end ice cream such and Ben 'n Jerry and Haagen Daz.


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