Wednesday, August 7, 2013

READER REVIEW: Ryan's Review of Blue Bunny Strawberry Cheesecake (Limited Edition)

When I first spotted this container I almost passed it up until I saw the limited edition label and gold brim. I figured since I was pretty content with everything so far I've had from Blue Bunny I might as well give this a run. Cheesecake flavored ice cream with strawberry ribbon swirls and graham cracker. The description of this offering sounds enticing enough.

So I snap back the easy lock system Blue Bunny uses on the containers they manufacturer, peel back the lid, and set my sights on this limited edition flavor. I expected it to have actual graham cracker chunks or possibly a thick swirl but it's more of a scatter of tiny bitty pieces of the stuff. I take my spoon and divulge in this white and red speckled ice cream. I can tell you right off the bat the cheesecake flavor is mild if not non existent but still has a good sweet flavor. In my first bite the strawberry ribbon is coupled with the base alongside a few graham cracker bits so I get the full spectrum. The ribbon is great, it adds a nice fruit flavor, and It's not extremely thick but nice enough to not overpower anything else. The graham cracker bits are sweet and a bit soft. I think if Blue Bunny used actual chunks or swirl of the graham cracker the cracker itself would have been able to shine a bit more.

I must say its extremely easy to land a whole slew of these tiny graham cracker bits in each bite. There is no need for excavating these bits as they are already readily available each and every spoonful. This ice cream tastes 100% identical to a strawberry sundae crunch bar. I actually believe its completely identical in recipe. There is absolutely no difference between the two it seems other than the absence of it being on a Popsicle stick and instead formatted in a container. I will say I thought this flavor was tasteful but still can't go in the ring with Blue Bunny's cake themed ice creams or Cookie Creation ice creams. Overall it was an average experience and probably wouldn't return to it again with so many other Blue Bunny concoctions available.

Where Ryan Found It: Walmart
Ryan's Grade: C

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