Monday, August 5, 2013

READER REVIEW: Mo's Review of SoCo Creamery's Dirty Chocolate

When I spotted Dirty Chocolate, another offering from SoCo Creamery, on my supermarket shelf, I just had to snatch it up immediately. After all, SoCo’s Salted Caramel was one of the best flavors I’d tasted all year, so needless to say, I had pretty high hopes for its chocolate counterpart. Also, the name itself intrigued me. Dirty Chocolate: Would it contain fudgy brownie pieces? Chips? Nuts? The label on the pint didn’t say, so I realized I’d have to bring this one home to find out.

When I first peeled back the lid, I was greeted by a luscious layer of chocolate goodness, but no mix-ins. Hmm. Maybe I just had to dig deeper. So I did…and I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I realized that the chocolate base was just going to have to speak for itself, because this flavor was devoid of any sort of contrast whatsoever.

But then I started eating the ice cream, and with every bite I took, I came to appreciate the simplicity of the straight-up chocolate more and more. SoCo has managed to create a flavor that highlights the deliciousness that is pure chocolate without going overboard and producing something overly sweet. The chocolate flavor is rich and silky, and given the moderate nutritional value per serving, it’s a bargain for the calorically conscious.

Having said all that, I think I still would’ve preferred this flavor with some sort of mix-in—perhaps some small dark chocolate chunks interspersed throughout. Maybe that’s because I expected a mix-in initially, even though said assumption was completely unfounded. Or maybe it’s because the flavor, though excellent in its own right, didn’t shine quite as much as SoCo’s Salted Caramel, which earned my highest rating without introducing any sort of contrast whatsoever. But at the end of the day, this is still some really good chocolate ice cream, and I’m absolutely looking forward to devouring the rest of the pint.

Where Mo Found It: ShopRite
Mo's Grade: B


  1. I would have been disappointed as well there was no surprise mixed in. With all the different flavor combinations/mix-ins, a plain flavor just isn't appealing to me anymore. I often have some of two different ice creams in the same bowl as I would do with this one to jazz it up.

    1. Agreed. Even though I can appreciate the simplicity of some base only offerings, there are just too many great flavors featuring a full array of different mix-ins to warrant buying ones that don't have any. Every once in a while I have the desire for something uncomplicated, but that's rare these days.


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