Saturday, August 3, 2013

READER REVIEW: Mo's Review of Adirondack Creamery's Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom

Living relatively close to New York means getting to sample some of the quality ice cream produced throughout the state. This week, I decided to dig in to Adirondack Creamery's Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom. I've had this flavor sitting in my freezer for a couple of months now, and while it intrigued me from the start, I'll admit that I went back and forth in my head as to whether I'd actually enjoy it. Although I've actually had Kulfi on more than one Indian dining occasion, I figured I'd either hate this ice cream or totally love it depending on the execution. And I'm happy to report that my experience very much encompassed the latter.

For those who aren't familiar, Kulfi is an Indian frozen dessert typically made from spices, pistachios, and condensed milk. When you're chowing down on spicy curry, there's nothing like a dish of Kulfi to help neutralize your taste buds. Similarly, this flavor takes the concept of refreshing to an all new level.

The base of the ice cream itself is fairly light with what I'd call an underlying richness. In other words, you could easily eat half a pint and walk away feeling not too full but very satisfied at the same time. And what I love about this flavor is that both the pistachio and cardamom are present without being overwhelming. These ingredients really complement each other nicely without coming off as overly sweet. In fact, I think what makes this ice cream unique is that it isn't very sweet; it's just tasty, interesting, and downright good.

Nutritionally, it doesn't pack too damaging a punch either. At 220 calories per serving, it doesn't leave you feeling too bad about yourself for having eaten it, especially considering that it is a nut-based product.

And speaking of nuts, I love the presence of the pistachios as a mix-in. Adirondack didn't go too crazy with the actual nuts; you get a nice amount scattered throughout the pint, but a lot of the pistachio flavor seems to come from the base itself. I happen to think that's a good thing, especially since I've had pistachio flavors before that have suffered from mix-in overload. Those usually leave me feeling thirsty, which is the last thing you want after eating ice cream.

All in all, props to Adirondack for coming up with one of the most unique, interesting flavors I've had in awhile. If there's a curry stew in your future, this could be a solid contender for dessert.

Where Mo Found It: Whole Foods
Mo's Grade: A


  1. I've had this! I'd give it a B- because I wasn't thrilled with the texture and wanted a deeper flavor, but I did appreciate that there were quite a few whole roasted pistachios mixed in.

    1. This one definitely sounds interesting. I enjoyed Dad's Cardamom from Three Twins, but I feel like this pistachios in this one would really help add some texture and offset the strong taste of the cardamom.


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