Tuesday, August 27, 2013

READER REVIEW: Kenneth's Review of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter World (Target Exclusive)

Here's yet another review from our friend Kenneth over at The Retail Judge of one of my personal favorite flavors, Ben & Jerry's Target Exclusive: Peanut Butter World.

Trying each of Ben & Jerry's Target-exclusive pints has proved to be an interesting--if mixed--experience. Volun-Tiramisu's mix-ins did more to hinder the indulgent base than anything; Berry Voluntary had a less than remarkable combination of raspberry-cheesecake and white chocolate; and the now-deceased Brownie Chew Gooder always livened my day during its stay. Now only one pint remains: Peanut Butter World. Between hearing so much praise for it and the fact I love chocolate/peanut butter treats, I decided to save what was supposedly the best for last.

Looking at the description, I'm not entirely sure how this will pull off being a Ben & Jerry's classic. In fact, I'm ready to find whatever nitpicks possible to tell people "you're insane for loving this so much." After all, since Peanut Butter Cup is already a permanent staple, just how different and remarkable can this one be? Then I pull the lid off and immediately feel my eyes bulge in response.

My particular pint seemed to exhibit a hurricane-like personality, what with the cookies and peanut butter converging in the center. I'm truly caught off guard by what I can describe as an explosion of peanut butter, which is initially sweet but soon provides a salty taste. The cookie swirl seems to follow the peanut butter's trail, as if to create a more seamless transition between it and the milk chocolate base. If you're dedicated enough to separate the base from the mix ins, you'll arrive at something smoother and milder than Ben & Jerry's traditional chocolate base, which tends to be quite rich and, arguably, dark. Yet with so much squeezed into the ice cream, it'll become nigh impossible for most people to achieve such a feat.

Peanut Butter World is a pint of ice cream that just gives and gives. I kept setting it aside, after each scooping, expecting to find and say something negative. No, it's not nutritionally sound, but for such a euphoric combination, there's truly no issue to find. Ben & Jerry's seemed to disregard my suggestion for keeping Brownie Chew Gooder, so if they're reading this, I implore them to keep Peanut Butter World a long-lasting patch, even after I die.

Where Kenneth Found It: Target
Kenneth's Grade: A


  1. I love the texture of the chocolate cookie swirls! This flavor is one of my favorites! Funny, I was going to post in one of the threads on the forums about this flavor and did, but I will repeat here. Last night I had half a bowl of PB World and the other half the new PBJ Session...heaven! If your favs are pb + chocolate try it!

    1. Once I clear some space in my freezer I'll be sure to add it (and Rockin' Blondies) to my inventory. Still got like 4 pints to finalize my thoughts on and review.

  2. To me, this is the apex of chocolate/peanut butter ice cream. It's a force of nature. Couldn't agree more...

    1. Agreed. It has remained one of my favorite ice creams from the beginning.


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