Monday, July 22, 2013

REVIEW: Graeter's Raspberry Sorbet (Seasonal Limited Edition)

After burning through my first five pints of super-premium, French pot ice cream from last Graeter’s shipment, I saved the Raspberry Sorbet they sent for last. As I’ve said in the past, dairy-free frozen desserts are something that I’m fairly unfamiliar with. My biased towards dense, high-butterfat ice cream makes it hard for me to purchase something labeled as sorbet, so these reviews typically only occur when a company includes one in a shipment. Graeter’s describes this seasonal sorbet as, “an intense yet elegant sorbet made with a specially prepared raspberry puree from the Pacific Northwest. So rich and creamy, you’d think it was ice cream.” Using only water, cane sugar, red raspberries, lemon juice, invert sugar and pectin, Graeter’s Raspberry Sorbet has no fat, cholesterol or protein.

Despite the fact that dairy isn’t involved in this pint, the high amounts of sugar still means this comes in at 160 calories per serving; about the same as most lower-tier, premium ice creams you’d find. The first layer of this vibrantly colored sorbet is filled to the brim, but it’s hard for me to get excited knowing that I won’t find any dairy or mix-ins hiding beneath the surface. This one didn't need any thaw time so I was ready for my first bite as soon as I removed it from the freezer. Without the dense consistency I’m accustomed to seeing from Graeter’s, this sorbet gathers on the end of my spoon with ease.

The specially prepared raspberry puree from the Pacific Northwest has given this sorbet an unexpected amount of flavor. While the consistency of something free of any milk or cream was a bit to get past, the taste helps me forget. These ripe red raspberries have not only offered their vibrant colors, but they’ve incorporated enough of their sourness to balance out all the sugar involved. The result is a refreshing, palate cleansing taste that I’ve been enjoying a few bites at a time over the past week. Although this isn’t something that should be compared with their super-premium ice cream, this was something I’ll continue to enjoy in small servings.

Where I Found It: Graeter's Online Store
Grade: C

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