Monday, July 15, 2013

REVIEW: Graeter's Banana Chocolate Chip (Seasonal Limited Edition)

After working through my pint of recently reintroduced Salted Caramel from Graeter’s, I was ready to take on their seasonal Banana Chocolate Chip. Only available for the months of July and August, they describe this one as, “our creamy banana ice cream loaded with our signature milk chocolate chips.” Graeter’s is easily the best of the bunch when it comes to consistency, so I was really looking forward to their new-to-me banana base. I knew right away that this would be good; it was just a matter of how good. The generic container and small Banana Chip sticker on top lets me know that this isn’t produced in large quantities like some of their other offerings.

Graeter’s was able to keep their Banana Chocolate Chip at under 300 calories per serving; but still much heavier than your run of the mill ice cream. The first layer is pale yellow in color and shows off those signature milk chocolate chips as soon as the lid is lifted off and sat aside. My first impression of Graeter’s banana ice cream was just as I expected, incredible. The flavors start out smooth and mellow, but soon intensify as the highly dense ice cream melts down into liquid. They’ve managed to keep this banana base well balanced; using the ideal amount of banana flavoring and sugar in the French pot process to create one of the best banana ice creams I’ve ever covered.

As is tradition with Graeter’s flavors, the chocolate chips enhance nearly every pint they’re included in. From top to bottom, these misshaped chips are plentiful. While there are many small broken bits to accompany almost every bite, there were a few mammoth ones as well. These provided the rich chocolate taste that perfectly complimented the banana base and brought this flavor to full fruition. As far as banana and chocolate ice creams are concerned, this is the best you’ll find. It's a shame this is only available a few months out the year.

Where I Found It: Graeter's Online Store
Grade: A


  1. Where does the teans fat come from? I don't see any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils!

    1. Probably the cream... trans fat occurs naturally in dairy products.

    2. I would normally agree with Ian, but most of their other flavors don't contain Trans Fat.

      I've asked my contact at Graeter's, who has forwarded the question to Bob Graeter, so hopefully we'll have an answer soon.

  2. I finally received a response back from Bob Graeter regarding the trans fat found in some of their ice cream:

    "The trans-fat comes naturally from the butterfat in the cream we use to make the ice cream mix. Since we have a higher butterfat content than just about anyone else it reaches a declaration threshold in our ice cream, so we declare it. All dairy has a small amount of naturally occurring trans-fat."


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