Saturday, June 15, 2013

REVIEW: Sonic Drive-In Peanut Butter & Bacon Shake

Last week sometime, I had a reader leave a comment on one of Blizzard reviews suggesting that I check out some of the shakes from Sonic Drive-In. Ironically enough, a new one had just opened up a few miles away so I headed to check it out just a few days later. As I scanned over the 25 different real ice cream milkshakes they offer as part of their Summer of Shakes promotion, one really jumped off the page. I’d heard of bacon-infused sweets on television a few times and online, but hadn’t encountered the combination firsthand. Although there were a lot of worthy opponents in their lineup, I couldn’t let the opportunity to try real ice cream mixed with rich peanut butter and real bacon into a thick and creamy shake, finished with whipped topping a cherry pass me by.

Since I was a bit scared of getting stuck with a huge cup of something I wasn’t too fond of, I went with the small size. After looking at the outrageous nutrition facts when I got back home though, I’m glad I did. My small only set me back 760 calories, but the large portion ballooned all the way up to 1720 calories and a whopping 118 grams of fat (including 275% of your daily recommended value of saturated fat). After pulling up to one of the drive-in stalls, placing my order and waiting for a few minutes, the server roller-skated out to my car and exchanged my $2.09 for my cup. Like many other fast food shakes I’ve gotten, this one came topped with a plastic lid filled with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. As I removed the lid and scraped off the mound of whipped cream, I could see big smears of creamy peanut butter still sticking to the side of the Styrofoam cup from the blending process; as well as little bits of actual bacon.

My first few sips of the thick, real ice cream milkshake were interesting to say the least. The sweet peanut butter comes first and provides a dense, heavy flavoring to act as the foundation. Peanut butter is featured in a ton of flavors that combine sugar and salt, but none can compare to the way the grease from the bacon affected the taste. These little strips came together with the nuttiness of the ice cream to create an experience you won’t find just anywhere. Perhaps it was just the novelty of the idea, but I found myself really enjoying it for a bit. Before I was even halfway through though, I reached the law of diminishing return. The bacon and peanut butter played well together for a few minutes, but soon felt too heavy to palate any longer. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this shake came from the concentration of bacon sitting on the bottom of the cup. It looks like Sonic should suggest more blending for this particular flavor. From here on out, I’ll probably save the bacon for breakfast or burgers and not in my ice cream.

A normal bite on top. My last bite on the bottom.
Where I Found It: Sonic Drive-In
Grade: D


  1. I'm sorry but that looks disgusting!

  2. I can't speak for this combo, but I got them to create a shake for me that combined fudge, caramel, peanut butter, malt, cookie bits, and two shots of espresso. It was totally amazing.

    1. Sounds incredible. Maybe I should try out a custom shake from there soon...

  3. I for one loved the peanut butter and bacon shake! I added Carmel as well to mine. I think when you order a treat like this, calories shouldn't even be a consideration....just enjoy it for what it is... I'm pretty petit and I had no problem finishing a large. I guess it just all cones down to what you love...bacon and peanut butter are on my top 10 food list!


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