Thursday, June 27, 2013

REVIEW: Krystal Nutter Butter MilkQuake

Krystal may be known for their slider-style, fast food burgers, but last week they introduced a new MilkQuake (their version of a milkshake) that had me wishing they had a location in my city. In addition to their standard selection of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes, this most recent addition revolved around Nutter Butter cookies. I had come to terms with the fact that I probably wouldn’t get to try this one before it’s limited edition status was up. Then fate intervened. On my way to a business meeting in South Carolina, I found myself sitting at a red light right across from a Krystal location. Without hesitation, I whipped my car in the entrance and placed an order for the Nutter Butter MilkQuake. According to their website this is how they make this new creation, “Take classic NUTTER BUTTER cookies. Add rich, creamy ice cream. Blend until awesome. That's all it takes to make the amazing new NUTTER BUTTER MilkQuake, and a trip to your local Krystal is all it takes to try it.

After paying my $2.99 plus tax, I was given a large plastic cup (the only size they offer) and a long red straw. Like many other fast food establishments, the first few inches of this MilkQuake was all whipped cream. Unlike others however, this thick whipped cream felt more authentic than some of the artificial looking toppings I’ve found from the competition. Although this shake wasn’t particularly photogenic, it tasted far better than it looked. The consistency of a Krystal MilkQuake is heavier than most, which makes it pretty difficult to suck up through the straw until it melts down a bit. The base is made of a sweet, powerful peanut butter ice cream that allows the flavors of the peanut butter cookies involved to come to the forefront. The Nutter Butters have been blended up enough to ensure you won’t find any larger chunks (which I would have appreciated) and add a gritty, crumbly texture along with the taste of actual cookies. After enjoying this shake so much, I’d love to see what a super-premium ice cream company could do with the same concept.

Where I Found It: Krystal
Grade: B


  1. Can't go wrong with Nutter Butters. Dairy Queen's Nutter Butter Blizzard was one of their best. It's just a shame it was limited edition.

    1. I haven't had them in ice cream before, but this was certainly a nice introduction. Hopefully DQ will bring back their Nutter Butter Blizzard in the future sometime...that sounds like it has some serious potential.

    2. Did you know that you can order a Blizzard cake in pretty much any flavor? At least at my DQ, just call and ask, I used to get Nutter Butter cakes all the time...that and Brownie Batter. Not exactly a Blizzard, but hey it's Nutter Butters and DQ ice cream! :)

    3. That sounds pretty enticing. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next family birthday party. Mine's coming up in just over a month. Maybe I'll spring for a Nutter Butter DQ Cake. If not, I guess I'll have to "settle" for the S'mores version :)


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