Monday, June 17, 2013

REVIEW: French Fryz Pumpkin Milkshake

Although I haven't had much time to truly dedicate to the blog as of late, I've kept the reviews coming by picking up some fast food options every so often. While looking for a way to cool off with a friend recently, we stumbled upon this local, burger joint called French Fryz. We were tipped off by a family member and thought it would be a perfect to time to try it out. They offer a full line of burgers, fries, hot dogs and even salads, but we came for the shakes. French Fryz claims that these 1950’s style milkshakes are made with real Breyer’s ice cream that I assume is only available commercially these days since they've made the switch to frozen dairy dessert. While my friend opted for the chocolate, I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying their pumpkin. It had been a few seasons since I’d seen anything featuring any type of Fall flavoring, so I was anxious to see if French Fryz could satiate my off-season craving.

When the cashier handed me my cup, I was excited to see that not only was there a heaping scoop of actual ice cream sitting on top of the handspun shake, but they had also added a dash of pumpkin pie to the top layer. They had blended the ice cream just enough that it could be sucked through the straw with minimal effort while still retaining a dense feel. Despite the fact that my first sip was free of the concentrated spices on top, there was still plenty of flavoring to let you know exactly what you were dealing with. The familiar taste of pumpkin was immediately embraced by my taste buds and easily surpassed the performance of most other milkshakes available on the go. The flavoring was so delightful that I couldn’t wait until I finished before trying the actual ice cream on top. With the high concentration of spices coating the entire scoop, this was even more incredible than the actual milkshake. With some pie crust pieces or whipped cream topping blended in, this could have easily gotten an A.

Where I Found It: French Fryz (Skyland, NC)
Grade: B

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