Saturday, June 8, 2013

REVIEW: Burger King Oreo Shake

Following my recent exploration of the some of the frozen fast food offerings currently available, as well as my recent expansion in the form of The Fast Food Informant, I’ve started reviewing some limited edition milkshakes available on the go. New offerings from restaurants like Zaxby’s and Chick-fil-A had me looking towards Burger King’s Oreo Shake for my next fix. They boast about their milkshake by saying, “Cool down with our creamy hand spun OREO® Shake. Velvety Vanilla Soft Serve, OREO® cookie pieces and vanilla sauce are blended to perfection and finished with a sweet whipped topping just for you.” Since I was headed out of town this weekend, this would be the perfect opportunity to try out this portable option.

Burger King offers their new shake in a small, medium or large portion, but I decided to stick with the small. At a cost of 570 calories and $1.99, this was pretty reasonable in both departments. The hand spun milkshake is put in a transparent cup with a plastic dome that's been filled with whipped topping and Oreo crumbs. My first few sips of this were pretty to hard to suck through the red straw due to the thick consistency. The classic cookies and cream taste came through, however the flavors didn’t really pop like some other store-bought ice creams (or even other cookies and cream milkshakes for that matter). Unfortunately for me, this only got worse as it started to melt down.

The whipped topping that fills up the last few inches of this shake seems to do more harm than good. The taste is simply too sweet, artificial tasting and even lacks the whipped cream texture you’d get with the real stuff. The Oreo crumbs that coat the entire top can’t seem to save this one either. As the toppings begin to mix with the shake sitting underneath, this results in a taste that was worse than the shake all by itself. I had been hoping for a few huge hunks of Oreo cookie hiding at the bottom that may help make Burger King’s newest dessert worth the journey, but they never showed. I probably won’t be choosing this particular fast food chain next time I need to cool down with some sweets.

Where I Found It: Burger King
Grade: D

1 comment:

  1. Ya right! This shake is amazingly spectacular. Ur obviously waaaay to picky. This shake is great


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