Sunday, June 30, 2013

READER REVIEW: Ryan's Review of Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide (Discontinued)

So to the true ice cream enthusiasts, before I get into this review I'll state the following: Although its currently summer 2013 this flavor I'm about to bestow a review upon you has been unfortunately discontinued and isn't likely to be a sure shot to procure. With that being said, you will just have to read with envy and salivate at the pictures because with this flavor..the good died young.

The pint reads Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream with Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Coffee Fudge Swirl. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well not necessarily. When you crack the pint open you almost get a cookies and cream visual presentation. Don't let this fool you because after the first bite you know this ice cream is liqueur induced. Ill start off by saying this, the base in the ice cream is extra exceptional. The Irish cream liqueur base is spot on; just subtle enough to let the taste shine through, but not strong enough to become tired of it. Envision a Mudslide but extra rich and smooth. It's just tasty.

So as we move through this pint a smile comes across my face. Since this pint is discontinued, I had no room for a bum pint and Ben & Jerry's showed no sign of letting me down. Cookie then swirl then cookie then swirl, swirl then cookie, then cookie and swirl it just continues almost as if it wants to please. The cookies are soft and have a excellent texture that pairs alongside the chips perfectly. These cookies and this base definitely know how to get along. Picture two best friends and that's how these two relationship can be described. I couldn't think of any other way to pair the two. The chocolate is rich tasting, not too dark and the base is smooth and light. Furthermore, you have this fudge swirl spiraling around and about with full confidence in itself. This fudge makes itself known and it isn't ashamed to land smack dab between cookie and ice cream in every bite as if competing to see which of the three is best. If your familiar with Ben & Jerry's other flavors that carry this swirl you will know it's thick and decadent.

Where Ryan Found It: Schnucks
Ryan's Grade: A


  1. I was fortunate enough to scoop this twice. So good. Will be missed

  2. Dammit, discontinued? This was my favorite Ben & Jerry's!

    1. Unfortunately so. I never got my hands on this one, but from what I heard, it was great.

  3. it was the greatest flavor EVER :-(


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