Monday, June 3, 2013

READER REVIEW: Mike's Review of Jeni's Splendid Brown Butter Almond Brittle

After sampling Jeni's for the first time this weekend, I knew an encore was in order. I could hardly contain myself as I awaited my chance to try the brand's renowned Brown Butter Almond Brittle flavor. Given its immense popularity, I considered this pint the crown jewel of my shipment, and after scooping it, I can certainly say it lived up to its promise.

The flavor is described as rich browned butter ice cream with salty, crunchy almonds. While the description was rather mundane, the final product was anything but. The base of this ice cream is one of the most unique that I've ever tried. True to the Ice Cream Informant's own description, the taste is virtually indiscernible from browned butter. Some readers may be put off somewhat by that description. In all honesty, I would have found it unsettling as well, but the old adage, "don't knock it 'till you try it" certainly is applicable in this case. As the unbelievably creamy base melted in my mouth, I had thoughts of movie theater popcorn and buttered sweet corn. I could have never imagined enjoying an experience like this prior to scooping, but seeing was believing.

While the base ice cream could receive high marks on its own, the almond brittle pieces are the real winner here. The sugary, caramelized coating of the brittle is immensely sweet, and provide a burst of intense flavor that contrasts well with the subtle, unadorned base. My major complaint with Ben and Jerry's Peanut Brittle is that the mix-ins are simply too small to enjoy. The small bits of gravelly brittle that you find in the offering don't hold a candle to the larger chunks found in its Jeni's counterpart. The almond brittle pieces vary from modest clusters (pictured above) to veritable boulders (pictured below).

Overall, Jeni's has hit another homerun with me, providing an experience that will be hard to forget. This pint is an absolute must-but for all ice cream fanatics, if not just to try something out of the ordinary. In addition to receiving the top possible grade, Jeni's Brown Butter Almond Brittle has cracked my personal top 10 ice cream flavors, joining the pantheon of the greatest offerings across brands.

Where Mike Found It: Jeni's Online Store
Mike's Grade: A

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