Monday, June 10, 2013

READER REVIEW: Colby's Review of Ben & Jerry's Banana Split

Having been an avid follower of Chad’s reviews for some time now, I felt it was necessary to contribute my own review to the site. As I searched through the incredible list of ice creams, I was determined to find one that Chad, or another reader, had not analyzed yet. I finally discovered that Ben & Jerry’s Banana Split had somehow fallen through the cracks. This flavor seems to be one seldom talked about but I have been anxiously anticipating this treat for some time now. Ben & Jerry’s describes this All-American Classic as Banana & Strawberry Ice Cream with Walnuts, Fudge Chunks & a Fudge Swirl.

As I opened the container, I was pleasantly greeted with a graciously swirl of fudge and several small strawberry pieces peeking through the surface. The first bite sent me back to childhood memories of warm summer days refreshed by cool ice cream sundaes. I immediately pick up on the strawberry base, but as I continue through the pint I have a hard time picking up much of the banana, which is disappointing. The fudge swirl is very consistent throughout and mixes nicely with the strawberry pieces, which maintain a nice texture. And then BAM! The walnut pieces! Where have these been all my life?? The slight crunch of the walnuts, which seem to be lightly covered in a sweet sugary syrup, add the perfect chew to this flavorful ice cream.

As I think back, this is my 1st encounter with walnut pieces from any of the 22 Ben & Jerry’s flavors I have tasted. Maybe I have missed this superior mix-in by some chance, but I am now on an endeavor to seek out other flavors incorporating such a fine specimen. Overall I really enjoyed the nostalgia of Ben & Jerry’s Banana Split, but the lack of banana in the base narrowly kept it from receiving an A.

Where Colby Found It: Kroger
Grade: B


  1. Nice review! This flavor is always available at my grocery store, but for some reason I never give it much attention. It seems like this might be a hidden treasure of Ben and Jerry's that I should give a try!

    1. I'm the same exact way. I pass over Banana Split every single time I see it, but after reading this I might pick it up next time. It's definitely one of their less talked about flavors.


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