Saturday, June 29, 2013

READER REVIEW: Bam's Review of Turkey Hill Fried Ice Cream (Limited Edition)

So my local Kroger was having a sale on Turkey Hill ice cream, buy 4 get them for just $2.50 each, and I just had to bite. Four cartons for ten dollars isn’t too bad in my book. One of those flavors I happened to pick up was the Limited Edition Fried Ice Cream. The description say Cinnamon ice cream swirled with cinnamon sopapilla and sweet tostada pieces. With this being a Limited Edition, I knew it didn’t have too much longer in the freezer since it was being replaced with the Turkey Hill Limited Edition Southern Lemon Pie. I actually got the very last one, and boy am I glad I did!

Any cinnamon ice cream is sure to get my attention. With Fried Ice Cream clocking in at only 160 calories per serving, it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to fit this into their diet.

As soon as I removed the lid, I can smell the cinnamon and I see multiple tostada pieces peaking their heads out. Although they were very inviting, I decided that my first spoonful should be just the base. It actually surpassed my expectations for the calories being so low. The texture isn’t the smoothest but I assume that’s due to the many specs of cinnamon infused within the base. The texture made me want to keep digging into the base alone, but after a few spoonfuls I see the cinnamon sopapilla swirl and it changes my mind completely. This swirl wasn’t your average swirl. It was more of an extra mix-in itself but in a swirled fashion. It reminded me of sugar cookie or donut type taste incorporated into a swirl. You might need to try it yourself to see what I’m talking about, but now on to the tostada piece. These pieces helped complete the pint, but finding them was the hard part. These soft, chewy pieces were spread out very sparsely throughout the carton. But once you found it and got all 3 components in one bite, it felt like a complete product.

I love cinnamon flavored ice creams, but to say this is better than Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns or Blue Bell’s Gingerbread House would be a ridiculous statement. But being so low in calories, it’s a dieting cinnamon lover’s dream come true. I believe they have all the components there and with a little more tweaking it could really give others a run for their money. But you’d also have to think that would result in an increase in the calories though. Decisions, decisions lol. With this being a limited edition flavor, it might be hard to track down. If you can still find it though, I’d say definitely give this one a try.

Where Bam Found It: Kroger
Grade: B

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