Friday, June 28, 2013

FREEZER FINDS: Blue Bell Mango and Chocolate Mud Pie

I recently received two separate Freezer Finds submissions related to un-advertised Blue Bell flavors. The first, Blue Bell Mango, was spotted in an Orlando Publix. After calling Blue Bell Corporate, he was informed that although this is an old flavor, they’re currently testing the market in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. It may not be available in all regions of those states, but those are the only states where you’ll find it as of right now. The description reads creamy ice cream with chunks of sweetened mango. I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to testing it out, but it’s tempting.

The second was a flavor I’ve seen a few times in the past, but one I haven’t reviewed and one that isn’t currently available. While searching for Ben & Jerry’s new Walmart exclusive, Cotton Candy, he ran across this combination of chocolate ice cream with mixed-nut shortbread, milk chocolate sauce and whipped topping. After reading that description, I regret passing on it the first time. Has anyone had either of these?


  1. The same reader that submitted the Blue Bell Mango find had this to say about Chocolate Mud Pie, "Chocolate Mud Pie was a rotational flavor last year, and I tried it. It was VERY disappointing. The base ice cream and whipped topping were okay, but the shortbread pieces were rock hard and ther chocolate sauce was more like "chocolate clumps". It wasn't a traditional, well-mixed chocolate swirl. Rather, you'd just find it sitting there in these massive clumps throughout the container. I didn't feel this flavor lived up to Blue Bell's high standards AT ALL. I can see why they didn't bring it back this year."

    After reading this, maybe we should all pass on Chocolate Mud Pie.

  2. I'm not much for Mango and the Chocolate Mud Pie honestly doesn't sound that incredible from the description. I did find and buy the new Rockslide Brownie and tried one bowl. I like it, but wish there were more brownie pieces in it (I only scooped up two). My stepfather loves it and he, like me, is a big nut guy. I'll have to scoop up another bowl or two to come to my final verdict but right now, I'd say it's a B.


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