Friday, May 31, 2013

REVIEW: 2nd St. Creamery Truck Stop Fudge

Following the success of flavors like Copper Kettle Caramel and Tons of Brownies from 2nd St. Creamery, it wasn’t long before I found myself making the 20 minute drive to the nearest place that carries their products. My local Harris Teeter only had four flavors stocked, two of which I’ve already had, so I picked Truck Stop Fudge over Black Hills Strawberry Rhubarb; although in retrospect I probably should have just grabbed both so I could have saved myself a future trip. One of the most interesting aspects of 2nd Street Creamery's website is the fact that each of their pints come packed not only with top-notch ice cream, but also with a background story. The inspiration for this chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and fudge sauce is explained below:

Although I’m not too familiar with taking an American road trip, or passing through Kansas City, whenever fudge made it into our kitchen when I was a kid, it was always this particular kind. I distinctly remember cutting large squares of the thick fudge topped with gooey marshmallows. I may have thought I was being sneaky, but the chocolate left behind on my lips gave me away every time. The first layer of every pint I’ve had from 2nd Street has been impressive looking and they continue the trend with Truck Stop Fudge. The light brown base immediately takes a backseat to the large concentration of fudge sauce swirling about the center of the carton. Considering I know the influx of ingredients hiding below the surface, the 250 calories per serving comes as no surprise.

Their super-premium chocolate possesses the same thick density as the caramel and vanilla varieties I’ve tried prior to this. While some craft ice cream makers have chosen to pack a bunch of complexity into their chocolates, 2nd Street decides to keep it simple. The taste contained in this ice cream may be straightforward, but it's also full-bodied and provides a rich finish to each bite. This richness is only amplified when I begin to run into the other components. After only just a few bites, it’s hard to ignore the influx of fudge sauce any longer. This flamboyant swirl is included in such a large amount that nearly every bite including some ends up dripping right off the spoon.

This is about as good as fudge sauce gets for freezer-bought ice cream and the liquid consistency is something you rarely find. While the dark swirl attempts to steal the show, 2nd Street doesn’t skimp on the marshmallow either. This light and airy, bright-white swirl takes a backseat to the chocolate, but is still absolutely necessary to round out the authentic feel of this flavor. A bite containing all three ingredients results in a spot-on representation of the fudge I used to have as a kid, as well as the confection found at the Missouri truck stop where the inspiration for Truck Stop Fudge was found.

Where I Found It: Harris Teeter
Grade: A

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  1. Just picked up a pint of this stuff and was a bit disappointed. Your review doesn't say much about the marshmallow and perhaps this omission was intentional. While the fudge was a nice liquid consistency, the marshmallow was dry and almost crunchy, reminding me of the dehydrated marshmallows in kids cereal. The photo on the container shows real miniature marshmallows, I was expecting something more like that. Given the high prices charged for premium ice cream, I won't be buying this again.


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