Wednesday, May 15, 2013

REVIEW: 2nd St. Creamery Tons of Brownies

After Copper Kettle Caramel nearly topped my Rankings list, my second experience with 2nd St. Creamery came from Tons of Brownies. The classic flavors contained in this pint aren’t exactly innovative, but after seeing what they could do with caramel at the helm, I couldn’t help but be excited about their potential when given a vanilla ice cream with chewy chocolate chip brownies and fudge sauce. According to their website, “At the creamery, we sometimes have “Treat Days”. I always like to bring brownies, since they are my favorite. However, every time I make them at home to bring for Treat Day…they all disappear before I can leave the house! I can never seem to make enough for both my family and for Treat Day! So, to stay on top of the demand at my house and still have enough left over for the creamery. I decided I better bake a “ton” of brownies. Who knew that this would be the inspiration for Tons of Brownies? Every time you want brownies…you need a ton of ‘em!

This super-premium combination of ingredients comes in at 270 calories per serving; a small price to pay for the considerable amount of brownie chunks and liquid chocolate I'd soon uncover. Only because I remember the large concentrations of caramel from the last pint, I’m not completely taken back by the heavy flow of fudge sauce spinning around the first layer. The vanilla ice cream is hard to secure by itself, but besides a few crumbs of broken brownie I was able to get a spoon full of just the super-premium base to serve as my first taste. This simple, sweet ice cream is straightforward, slow melting and provides a suitable canvas to showcase the outrageous amount of mix-ins to come.

The dark, swirling stripes of chocolate only get thicker and more substantial as I scrape off the first few layers. Although I’ve had many flavors featuring a fudge swirl in the description, few were as impressive as the one from 2nd Street Creamery. This heavy liquid is full of fudge flavor, has a great texture and compliments the simplicity of the vanilla ice cream. Before I’m even able to wrap my head around how well they’ve combined the classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla, I begin to encounter the absurd amount of brownies that are hiding just below the surface.

2nd Street Creamery has used such a large quantity of chunks that if you’re scooping out a decent sized spoon full, you’re guaranteed to get at least one brownie in each bite. Not only do they add a dense, chewy texture full of rich chocolate taste, but they're also harboring mini chocolate chips inside. A sample containing the dense vanilla ice cream, robust fudge swirl and chunks of decadent chocolate chip brownies results in a top-notch, super-premium impersonation of a classic brownie sundae. Despite the fact that I’ve only covered a few creations from 2nd Street, they’re far outshining the veteran ice cream corporations using classic flavor combinations.

Where I Found It: Harris Teeter
Grade: A


  1. Just the name sounds like an instant classic. I don't think I've seen this brand in any store around here. I'll look around, but be pretty pissed if I can't find them.

    1. I only recently was able to find some of the flavors from 2nd Street Creamery and I'm glad I did. It seems like they're slowly expanding into more and more stores and markets, so hopefully they'll show up in your area soon!


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