Wednesday, May 29, 2013

READER REVIEW: Winston's Review of 2nd St. Creamery Tons of Brownies

Having read Bob's and the Ice Cream Informant’s positive reviews of “Tons of Brownies”, I decided to scoop it myself. Already experiencing positive encounters with “Copper Kettle Caramel”, “Cannoli Di Nonni”, and “Can’t Tell Me No! Cookie Dough”, I anticipated a hit—I had to try it. In addition, I am a big fan of the marriage of brownies and ice cream. Based on the description, which reads "Vanilla Ice Cream with Chew Chocolate Chip Brownies and Fudge Sauce" it sounded like a fantastic dessert."

The fact that the pint contained only 270 calories per serving surprised me. I normally expect some of the premium, rich flavors to exceed the 300 calories mark. Therefore, I approached the pint with reservations, as finding an "A” in a lower calorie range is certainly not a common occurrence. The surface of my container exposed a swirl of fudge and an eggshell-colored vanilla base; not exactly what I expected to see from a pint labeled as "tons of brownies ". The first bite, a rather large scoop, demonstrated a considerably satisfying combination of base, brownies, and fudge swirl. The base, not remotely as rich as Haagen Dazs' premium vanilla, delivered milky, sweet notes, with only an undertone of vanilla flavoring and not entirely rich; it failed to move me. I'm pretty confident that the lack of 300+ calories in this pint is due to be relatively weak base.

The fudge swirl, identical to that of “Cannoli Di Nonni”, satisfies the pallet quite pleasantly. The flavor is strongly reminiscent of Hershey's chocolate syrup. The consistency is relatively fluid, not exactly thick and viscous as it is in Ben & Jerry's “Chocolate Peppermint Crunch”. Further this swirl is unquestionably fudge-based: like fudge, the swirl is very sweet, and isn’t remarkably creamy. That said, being more conservative when it comes to chocolate, I prefer anything chocolate to be heavier on fat; therefore, I can comfortably say that Ben & Jerry produce a superior Fudge swirl. Still, this swirl is above average.

The brownies in this pint are absolutely astounding.  The texture is perfect:  very viscous and gooey, such that the brownies mix in with the base, creating a homogenous ice cream-brownie mouthful with each spoonful. The brownies demonstrate strong fudgy, chocolate properties, are remarkably moist, and complement the swirl and base perfectly. The weaknesses of the base and swirl are virtually negated by the strengths and richness of the brownies.  Further, the brownies are absolutely everywhere in this pint; it does live up to its name.  It is nearly impossible to take a bite with at least a part of a brownie cube. Therefore, like most premium brownies, every bite satisfies and leaves you desiring for another.  Compared to the brownies in Ben & Jerry's “Chocolate Fudge Brownie”, 2nd Street is marginally superior. That said, both are definitely the best in the premium ice cream class.

I recommend this pint to fans of brownies, Hershey chocolate, second street fans, and Ben & Jerry's “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” fans. Essentially, I recommend it to everyone.

Where Winston Found It: Super Wal-Mart
Winston's Grade: A


  1. Good review. I have a pint of this in my freezer. Will smash soon

    1. You need to do so ASAP. I'm loving what I've seen from 2nd Street so far.

  2. Ice Cream Source is pricey as hell, but from the looks of these 2nd Street offerings I'd be willing to spring for these if they started carrying the brand...

    1. You might want to hold off for a bit. 2nd Street wasn't available in my area for months, but recently showed up in a local Harris Teeter (a Carolina based, upscale supermarket). Have you tried using their Store Locator on their site?


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