Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Every so often, I exchange emails with various companies about reviewing some of their ice cream. Whether it’s due to my endless whining via Twitter or the simple generosity of the company, I’ve been able to taste tons of different craft flavors from across the country. Then, a few weeks ago, I started exchanging emails with an Australian based company that had a rather intriguing product to offer. Let me introduce to you The Tubbie, the cure for cold hands when eating straight from the carton.

Although I’ve used the pint cozy from Ben & Jerry’s in the past, it left a lot to be desired. It was difficult to slide up over pints, didn’t effectively insulate the ice cream and still left my hands colder than I’d like after only a few minutes. I soon abandoned the practice all together and returned back to using a common hand towel. The intention of The Tubbie is to not only replace whatever you’re using now to protect your hands, but also to keep your ice cream frozen for twice as long as it normally would. These are available in pint sized and double pints (more common in Australia and abroad), as well as a variety of different fluffy designs, I opted for the Tiger Malt pint-sized Tubbie to test out.

The striped, shaggy outer layer is sowed around a thick rubber bottom and foam insulated interior. Unlike the other ice cream cozy I’ve tried, this easily slides up and over every pint in my freezer without much effort. For scientific purposes, I started with a fresh, unopened pint of super-premium ice cream to see if The Tubbie could live up to its promises. Despite the fact that the furry exterior takes some getting used to, it’s the ideal thickness to properly insulate the ice cream inside while still remaining easy to grip. As time passed, I noticed not only that my hands weren’t getting cold as they normally do, but also that the consistency of my ice cream had remained steadfast. By the time I had reached the bottom around a half hour later, the last few bites provided nearly the same experience as the first. It may be odd looking for a 20-something year old male to be holding one of these animal-print pint wraps, but it certainly serves a purpose and I’ll continue to use mine in the future.

Where I Found It:
Price: $8.95-$9.95 for pints, $17.95-$19.95 for double pints

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