Sunday, April 28, 2013

REVIEW: Snickers Ice Cream Bar

After my recent run-in with Magnum Ice Cream Bars, the Gold?! and White varieties, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for any other bars that might provide an interesting review. It’s been ages since I’ve had a Snickers candy bar, and even longer since I’ve had the ice cream version, but I felt it necessary to pick up a single, king-sized sample for further evaluation. Placed strategically at the end of the freezer aisle, this purchase was the definition of an impulse buy. Considering Snickers are regularly referred to as the most popular candy bar in the country, they should be able to successfully reincarnate the timeless combination in ice cream form. Mars takes this transformation as literal as possible, and in doing so, has created a frozen bar that looks nearly identical to its room temperature counterpart.

After sliding the bar out of the wrapper, it’s hard to differentiate this from an actual Snickers candy bar aside from the cooler temperature. The standard ice cream bars you’d find in a 6-count box are smaller and only contain 180 calories each, but this larger portion offers over 50% more at the cost of 100 extra calories (but only 30 more calories than the candy bar). Once the bar is cut in half, the only noticeable difference is the missing layer of nougat that has been replaced by peanut butter ice cream. Unlike your usual pint, the ratio of peanuts, chocolate and caramel surrounding the peanut butter base remain constant; ensuring each bite has the ideal amount of ice cream and mix-ins.

Following the decision to sacrifice half of the extra-large bar for science, I started the disection. The super-thin, chocolate coating cracks away easily to show off the caramel soaked peanuts piled on top of the peanut butter ice cream. The exterior melts almost immediately upon entering my mouth, but still provides a slight crunch and chocolate richness to each bite. Perhaps the best part of this bar comes from the taste and texture possessed by the caramel drenched roasted peanuts. These are more than likely the same ones found on the non-frozen version and are just as effective. The last component, the peanut butter ice cream, is unlike any of the premium peanut butter bases I’ve had recently. This feels and tastes slightly artificial, however when combined with the steady dose of other ingredients, isn’t all that detrimental. Although the concept isn’t artisanal or elegant, this classic combination of flavors still satisfies.

Where I Found It: Super Wal-Mart
Grade: B


  1. Those nutrition facts don't seem to correlate to the size of that bar.

    1. Correct. I explained it a bit in my second paragraph. These nutrition facts are for the ones you find in the box, not the larger single serving size like I had.

    2. Ah yes, oops. I'm surprised that this dessert uses PB ice cream over nougat. Sounds like it's closer to their peanut butter snickers candy bar.

    3. Not really sure why they used peanut butter ice cream either, but I'm not complaining.


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