Wednesday, April 24, 2013

REVIEW: Magnum White Ice Cream Bar

After succumbing to the marketing ploys of Magnum and trying their Gold?! Ice Cream Bar, I found myself checking out with some of their Magnum White Ice Cream Bars just a few weeks later. The albino bars hadn’t been new or limited, but their bleached outer coating had proved enough to coerce me into buying a box of three. Instead of the milk chocolate coating found on the Gold?! versions, Magnum’s White bars utilize their silky vanilla bean ice cream and cover it in a thick layer of Belgian white chocolate.

Unlike the Gold?! bar, the White version comes in a glossy, generic Magnum wrapper with no indication as to what’s inside. This white chocolate variation comes in a little lighter at 250 calories per bar, but should provide more bang for your buck when compared to a serving of super-premium ice cream. The all-white exterior shows off the Magnum seal that has been molded into the coating, and after cutting it open, proves to have a thick, white chocolate crust. Even when I enjoyed the non-dissected bars, the outer shell broke off in huge chunks and rarely clung to the ice cream when doing so. The base has the consistency of a super premium and provides a smooth, mellow filling, but is pretty average as far as vanilla bean flavors are concerned.

The white chocolate outer-coating takes far longer to break down than the bar’s interior, but proves worth the added wait. This thick bark consists of some of the best white chocolate I’ve seen featured in an ice cream and gives a rich, flavorful finish to the end of each bite. Unfortunately, the tame vanilla bean base and sophisticated taste of white chocolate comes off a bit too bland for my palate after just a few bites. I’ll go with the Gold?! version the next time I feel like eating my ice cream off a stick.

Where I Found It: Super Wal-Mart
Grade: C


  1. I recently purchased 2 boxes of your Magnum Gold and Magnum White Ice Cream Bars and the taste made me want to throw-up, puke my guts out! It is the absolute worst ice cream I've ever tasted. Actually the ice cream inside the bars has no taste at all except BAD and the coating you call belgian chocolate should be named belching chocolate! If you actually got that from Belgium then my SH*T smells like roses and tastes like vanilla beans! I will be returning both boxes tomorrow to the store for a full refund and none of my family and friends will ever purchase another from your company as long as we live. Thanks but NO THANX!!

    1. Sorry to hear that Cynthia! Especially since I somewhat enjoyed the Gold?! bars.

      I wonder if you got a bad box or something? Either way I hope you get a full refund for such a terrible experience.

    2. The Ice Cream Informant does not own the Magnum ice cream brand. You should probably re-word your aggressive comment, and/or copy and paste it to an email and send it to Magnum themselves. Magnum even has a quick messaging feature for feedback in their "Contact Us" section.

  2. Your reviewer's palate may not be subtle enough to detect the exquisite balance between the vanilla bean ice cream and the white chocolate shell.
    Ever since Portland area Safeway stores stopped carrying White Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream Bars last year, I've had to drive 10 miles across town to the nearest Target store in order to purchase 6 or 8 boxes at a time-- they're really that good!

  3. I love these. I buy the three boxes at a time because they sell out. Not really a fan of Magnum or any of their products. (Sorry guys, you just don't do it for me).

    I give absolute props to Magnum for being one of the few, if only, ice cream provider actually catering to white chocolate lovers. I can't find a single product in our ice cream aisles offering white chocolate.

    .. and to the first review... lady.. if you don't like vanilla or white chocolate then why the fsck would you buy white chocolate ice cream .. and then post about how bad it is? I think someone just needs some attention.*internet hug* ok now kys


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