Monday, April 8, 2013

REVIEW: Graeter's Black Cherry Chocolate Chip

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip was my first experience with Graeter's ice cream and still remains one of my favorites, so I had been looking forward to trying their Black Cherry version. Graeter's says they've paired sweet dark cherries from the Pacific Northwest with their signature dark chocolate chips in naturally flavored cherry ice cream to create this delicious and luxurious flavor. The description sounds very similar to that of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, but knowing Graeter's; they'd easily outperform the competition. The first layer was made up of a mauve-colored ice cream that showcased plenty of their dark chocolate chips.

This particular pint has 300 calories per serving, which is pretty average for a chocolate chip infused flavors from Graeter's. After scooping out my first bite, I immediately uncover a deep-purple cherry that had been hiding just beneath the surface. The black cherry base starts out mild and then slowly intensifies the black cherry flavoring as the ice cream melts down. When combined with the natural richness of their rich, dense ice cream, they've found another winner. Graeter's hasn't incorporated any of the natural tartness of actual cherries; only their sweetness. Although this base isn't quite on par with their Black Raspberry, it's not far behind either. The bursted pieces of cherry manage to avoid the icy tendencies that tend to plague the majority of fruit mix-ins. Instead, they've taken on a jam-like consistency and provide an additional burst of sugary, cherry flavoring.

Even though it should come as no surprise by now, one can never fully be prepared for the sheer size of Graeter's signature chocolate chips. These take up nearly as much room as the ice cream and some spanned larger than my spoon. The full-bodied dark chocolate taste they release are unlike any other and truly need to be experienced first hand. Despite the fact it's rich and full of chocolate, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip remains a refreshing change of pace; easily outperforming Ben & Jerry's best seller.

Where I Found It: Graeter's Online Store
Grade: B

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