Wednesday, April 24, 2013

READER REVIEW: Winston's Review of TCBY Black Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt

Being conscious of nutrition, I’m always on the lookout for lower calorie frozen yogurts and ice creams. While shopping at my local grocery store, I noticed that TCBY’s traditional frozen yogurt was on sale. Score! Next to the pints sat one lone Greek TCBY pint: Black Raspberry. The Ice Cream Informant recently posted about the existence of these pints, and while the fruity lineup does not necessarily sound as indulgent as flavors like Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough and English Toffee Crunch (as seen in their traditional lineup) and at a surprising 100 calories per serving and 0 grams of fat, I couldn't resist.

Lifting the lid revealed a light purple plateau of undefiled frozen yogurt with two small licks of some type of red-violet swirl. The first bite: extraordinarily smooth; remarkably rich with fruit flavor; surprisingly creamy considering there is zero fat. Very impressive. The second bite: equally velvety and delicious, but with a sweet, mildly tart berry swirl. The base honestly tasted like it contained around 5g of fat, yet contained none. Compared to the icy, brittle Oikos fat free Greek rozen yogurts I’ve had in the past, this base is remarkably rich and certainly smoother. Further, the base, even without fat, seemed to demonstrate richness and creaminess that even Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Froyo failed to deliver with 3g of fat. However, the creaminess unquestionably pales in comparison the the richness of the base in Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Lastly, without mix-ins, its texture satisfaction doesn’t compare to the vast majority of premium fruit-based ice creams.

Mining my way through the pint (sans guilt) repeatedly excited my pallet. As the yogurt slowly melted and thawed, each progressively melting spoonful further amplified the berry flavor, exponentially increasing the overall dessert experience as time passed. By the end of the pint. I certainly wished for more, but felt remarkably satisfied even though I’d consumed a respectable 400 calories.

Where Winston Found It: Kuhn's Market
Winston's Grade: C

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  1. So I'm confused, you said many positive things about this product and any negatives were really comparing it against ice cream (totally different products), yet you gave it a C rating?


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