Monday, April 1, 2013

NEWS: Changes to the Rankings

It's becoming clear that I need to start making some changes to the rating system I've been using since I started this blog. I've decided to replace the complicated x.x/10 model with a simple A-F grade scale. This will make things much easier on everyone, including myself. I contemplated using plus and minus ratings in addition to the A-F system, but that seems just as complicated as my previous method. I'm still going to retain my overall rankings portion of the site for those still interested. While I'll categorize each ice cream according to the letter grade they receive, I'll organize them in descending order depending on which I personally prefer. After asking some fellow ice cream lovers out there, Erick summed it up the best:

A - Awesome, can't miss.
B - Above average, might not be for everybody.
C - Meh. Pedestrian.
D - Bleh. Only seek it out if you're a fan of the flavor/theme.
F - Do not want.

Over the next week I'll begin to translate all my previous reviews and will continue to use this method from here on out. I'll also be adding an ice cream of the month award with yearly accolades going to the best ice cream in each category. Thanks for all the continued support!


  1. Your blog, but in my opinion something with 7 rating options would seem superior. I did think your old ranking system was unnecessary (with the decimals) but this one seems too simple. Just for example your average score from the 215 you have reviewed so far is 8.1 with a STDEV of .9. So an A is almost impossible, with 82% of the reviews falling within the 7.2-9 C range. Just doesn't seem like enough distinction. But either way, great blog and will continue to read.

    1. Thanks for the comment (as well as the mathematical breakdown)!

      From all the reviews I've done I've learned that most of my reviews fall within a score of 7-9, with very few falling below that. For the most part, there aren't that many terrible flavors out there. I still plan on being picky with my A ratings, with most receiving scores of a B and C (of course you'll still be able to see my personal favorites on the overall rankings page). I had considered using the +\- system in addition to the alphabetical scores, but that still leaves a lot of possible verdicts.

      The decimal ratings were just too tedious and since everyone has differing tastes, it just makes more sense to simplify everything.

    2. Yeah, that is my point, by definition 82% of the ice creams you rank are average, and thus would recieve a C grade using this method. Although I'm sure you are going to scale it differently now. I just think you are going from over complicated to over simplified. Using a 7 rating scale to me provides the best of both worlds and will allow for enough seperation. But then again, there is no aesthetically pleasing way to use a 7 rating scale compared to an ingrained A, B, C, D, F method that people are accustomed to already. +/- would just make things overly complicated again as that would allow 15 rating options which is double which I feel is necessary. But again, your blog and will continue to read regardless.

    3. I know what you mean. There's really no easy way to rank ice creams. I'm trying to shift the focus to simply providing information and high-quality photos rather than just voicing my own personal opinion. Everyone has different tastes and if something appeals to you, you should try it!


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