Monday, March 11, 2013

REVIEW: Graeter's Coffee

In an attempt to knock off the plain looking pints first, Graeter's Coffee flavor was next in line. The ingredient list is about as small as you're going to find, but like I've said before, sometimes less is more when it comes to ice cream. Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino, Publix Premium's Santa's White Christmas, and New Orleans Ice Cream Company's Coffee & Chicory had all been excellent examples of simple, coffee ice creams, but knowing the top tier bases that typically accompany Graeter's chocolate chips, I have higher hopes for their Coffee flavor. According to the description on their website, they infuse every two and half gallon batch of ice cream with a pot of exceptionally rich, 100& Arabica Bean coffee.

Although the 260 calories per serving Coffee contains is on the lower side of Graeter's typical numbers, that's still inflated for a base-only offering. Every flavor I'd had so far had contained some type of mix-in, but with this being free of any distractions, I would be able fully appreciate the top-tier ice cream by itself. Since Graeter's churning process doesn't allow the incorporation of much air during the churning process, this dense coffee ice cream required some serious effort before I was able to extract any from the pint. It's practically impossible not to be taken back the consistency of any of Graeter's flavors following that first bite. The experience contained inside each scoop of their French pot ice cream refuses to be rushed, and because of the slow rate at which it melts inside your mouth, even simple flavors seem more complex.

Graeter's was able to bring together one of the smoothest coffee blends you'll find outside of a premium-roast cup. The sweetness of the cane sugar, richness of the cream and the intriguing bitterness of the Arabica Bean coffee are constantly fighting for your attention; a battle that takes a while to play itself out. For a flavor without a supporting cast, this easily lived up to my expectations. Any coffee fanatic, especially those who also enjoy ice cream, should start their day off with a fresh scoop of Graeter's.

Where I Found It: Graeter's Online Store
Grade: B

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