Tuesday, March 26, 2013

REVIEW: Graeter's Butter Pecan

With many of the complicated flavors currently available from the big players, butter pecan has a hard time standing out in a crowd. The simple combination of rich ice cream and soft, buttery pecans may not sound that appealing to some, but Graeter's is known for doing the classics much better than the competition. According to their website, they were even able to win over Oprah Winfrey; who said this was the best ice cream she'd ever tasted. With the amount of influence she has over her cult-like following, I'm sure that claim has helped to sell a few additional pints of this particular flavor.

Butter Pecan contains a whopping 330 calories per serving; which is much higher than I would have expected considering the lack of complicated ingredients. The first layer is light in color and proudly displays the big pieces of pecans poking through the top. Given the simplicity of this selection, Graeter's top notch consistency is allowed to take center stage. Even the most straightforward of flavors can become complex when made using the French pot process. The butter pecan base begins very mild as it first enters my mouth, but as it begins to break down; the sweetness of the cream and a buttery richness envelops every taste bud. Their standard vanilla ice cream is top-notch and this takes that flavor profile even deeper.

Although I'm not typically a fan of nuts in my ice cream, these small, soft pecan halves add a complimentary flavor to the buttery base. They can't compete with the large size of those found in Jeni's Whiskey & Pecans, however these are more abundant. They break apart easily and the soft texture really brings this subtle flavor together. The concept for this creation isn't new, but Graeter's is still able to shine a new light on an old favorite.

Where I Found It: Graeter's Online Store
Grade: B


  1. This review feels forced. It's as if you feel compelled to write a positive review because they sent you the ice cream.

    1. Have you ever had their Butter Pecan? All the flavors I've had from Graeter's have been way above average.

      And for the record, I never sugarcoat any reviews just because I've been sent ice cream from a particular company. What would be the point of this blog if I did that?

  2. MMMM, looks good! I've only had one of Graeter's flavors (Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) and it was very, very good. Luckily, a store (Kroger) close to me carries Graeter's products. I can't recall if they have this particular flavor though.

    1. I haven't seen Butter Pecan at most of the stores around me that carry Graeter's products, but it's worth picking up if you ever run across a pint!


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