Saturday, March 23, 2013

READER REVIEW: Kenneth's Review of Blue Bell Lemon Bliss

When life gives Blue Bell lemons, they use them to make awesome ice cream. Okay, they don't use actual lemons (just lemon oil), but that's hardly of concern when dealing with an enjoyable dessert. Nevermind the usual supply of high fructose corn syrup and potentially alarming inclusion of trans fat, Blue Bell's latest, a "lemon ice cream with vanilla flavored creme-filled cookies" demands your attention like my taste buds crave it.

Your eyes are immediately blasted by color upon removing the lid, which I assume is courtesy of the turmeric extract. Digging in allows the creme-filled cookies to shine that much more, with the white creme being surprisingly noticeable. From the general lack of resistance, it's easy to tell this is another light-medium base, which Blue Bell are known for. Alas, treating myself to a spoonful lets the base gradually melt and massage my mouth. That is, of course, after the eye-popping lemon flavor serenades me.

Many lemon flavored products have a very pale and bland flavor, which is probably why I never regarded the flavor highly as a child. But Blue Bell knows how to bring a true, lemony-sweet taste out. Though I've never had lemon meringue cake, this is immediately what comes to mind as I return for even more savory bites. It would almost be enough to just offer this ice cream without mix-ins, but since bliss is in the flavor's name, we're treated to some golden Oreo siblings. A reasonable amount of the creme-filled cookies are scattered and smudged throughout, not unlike those in Gingerbread House. Most of these are of decent size, with larger chunks coming into play at the bottom of the pint. Unfortunately, I reached that point rather quickly.

Blue Bell have a knockout on their hands here. Many companies, regardless of their product, seem to have a tough time nailing enjoyable lemon flavors. Lemon Bliss, on the other hand, is a potentially faith-changing option, a reminder as to why I've grown to actually enjoy it when life gives me lemons. The aforementioned downfalls in ingredients and obvious use of artificial flavor doesn't matter, since Lemon Bliss does more than live up its name. I only hope Blue Bell make this a permanent part of their line-up and start sending this flavor out by the gallon.

Where Kenneth Found It: Winn-Dixie
Kenneth's Grade: A


  1. I too hope that Blue Bell will make Lemon Bliss a part of their permanent collection!! I wish I could find some this week! Been to 3 stores with no luck! I guess I shouldn't have advertised on Facebook about how incredibly "Blissful" it is! :) Please! Where can I find it in Mesa, AZ ??? WAlmart ? Nope! Albertsons - Nope!at 2 of it's stores! Sprouts? Nope! :( So Sad! JJ

    1. That's really unfortunate that you haven't been able to find it yet. I really enjoyed it.

      It's already started disappearing in stores near me in exchange for Blue Bell's Caramel Turtle Cheesecake and Italian Cream Cake.

    2. The only other store I've seen it at since is a Walgreens near my house (in the 1/2 gallon carton, surprisingly enough). Caramel Turtle Cheesecake has only popped up at one store near me, but I forgot which one (Publix, perhaps?) while Italian Cream Cake just turned out at Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie. If it doesn't become permanent, I hope it becomes a recurring, rotational flavor, much like how I hope Gingerbread House comes back for the holidays!

    3. It's already starting to disappear in my area so I'm interested to see if it shows up as June rotational flavor or not.

      And Kenneth, I'm hoping the same with Gingerbread House. It's one of their best flavors by far!


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